Movie Review-The Awful Dr. Orlof: Remastered Edition [Blu-ray]


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Review-There could be an argument made for who really enjoyed the most success in the booms of the VCR, the DVD player and now the Blu Ray player. Some will say it is the television fans that will hold out and wait for the favorite show to hit home video to be able to sit and watch the whole season uninterrupted. For me, I feel it was Euro-horror, and most importantly the horror genre. You have people who live in small towns that have that one movie theater that gets all the popular films that read magazines and hear about films or directors and seek them out. I remembered being that teen that was reading the horror rags and having to see these directors that were being praised like Bava, Freda, Fulci, Raimi, and Franco. In the wake of the Blu Ray age, a company like Redemption is a blessing. Whatever you feel about the titles aside, at least someone is releasing them and giving you guys your money worth and not skimping on transfers or quality. This is that obscure gem that really deserves to be seen at least once, and if you can witness it on Blu Ray, I cannot brag to you enough. This is Jess Franco’s first horror film, and it showed that the man had his hand on the pulse with where film was heading. This film can almost be seen as the crossroads, where the basis of the film is old school horror with a black and white little thriller and throws in some little touches to show people that film is indeed heading into daring new waters. This film is about Doctor Orlof who kidnaps beautiful young women with the aid of his assistant. The character of Orlof seems like a cross between Jack the Ripper and Coffin Joe. He is icy and very evil, it seems all his motives and mindset just reeks of sinister. Orlof’s daughter it seems has a fucked up face, some kind of grotesque mutilation and he is trying to restore her beauty. Like all evil, there seems to be a Inspector who is named Tanner who is after him. Tanner though seems to want to spend with his fiancée Wanda who as you can guess will become part of the plot, as she tries to trap Orlof. The plot and storyline are rather lackluster, but the film really succeeds in the tension and suspense. This film really seems to make up for its shortcomings by trying to hide the negatives and showcase the positives. Which are Orlof and to see how low he can sink to save his daughter’s beauty. The film packs some decent little punches and I really found myself enjoying it.

8 out of 10