Movie Review-Silent But Deadly


Review-Silent But Deadly is an odd horror film. Jason Mewes who most of us know as Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame, plays this inbred Louisiana guy who has a goat for a girlfriend and is on a murderous rampage. The film opens with the Capper family; William Sadler plays the dad who married a mail order Russian bride who brought her lesbian friend with her. Capper hates his son and is out to try and not only kill his son but also the goat the son is fucking as well. For you guys expecting bestiality, you will not get it in this film but what you will get is a tongue and cheek very campy horror film. The film goes from there when Mewes character takes care of his family and decides to take his goat and drive away. On his way to nowhere, he picks up a hitchhiker who is working on a motion picture called Silent But Deadly. The film from there just goes into so many campy directions, from the clueless people on the set that you just know they could never cut it as a crew on a real movie set. From there we get the midget Sherriff in the town who comes across as know it all, who with his deputy who has to bite his tongue many times in the film, to a woman who is filming a documentary about the killings and following them around. This film in the trailer promises boobies and blood, and it delivers on the boobs and the blood is all CGI. The kills in the film were cheesy, but some really were so bad that they were good. Jason Mewes does not speak a lot, he does mumble when he is about to grab a weapon to kill someone, he will silently say what he is grabbing. The horror aspect of this film was more campy than scary. The film plays off of humor, and some of the humor does work to a point, this is another example of a film that may have needed to slow down the pace just a little. It is like some scenes they tried to get way too much out of it, instead of maybe trying to spread it out more. I mean, a scene with 4 jokes together, they offset each other, what about 4 scenes with a joke a piece. This film tries, and there are just enough camp elements to keep this film from being a total waste. I will not say this film is great, but it is watchable. I found myself at times laughing, and at others just keeping with the film to see what they will do next. I would probably end up watching it again, because Mewes is just insane enough to pull off this role and make it so believable. I just wish they would have done more with the CGI, and made it at least a little more realistic. That aside because I feel the director felt that would help with the camp feel, this is a fun little movie that will entertain you, but do not go into with high expectations or thinking this is the next big horror film. Just know it is a cheap small budget little film that has more pluses then minuses and for the most part tries hard.

7 out of 10

  • James DePaolo

    I concur..

  • fearshop

    The few lines that Jason Mewes had were classic in this one. I really enjoyed it as well.