Movie Review-Race War-The Remake


Review-Race War-The Remake is a film that tries so hard to offend the viewer, so much so you can really tell that half of the script is meant to get a reaction and the other half of the script is meant to keep it. Distributed by Wild Eye Releasing, this is another one of those films that is tailor made for them. Each film they release seems to go to some extreme and tries to be cutting edge for the genre, whether it is art, drug, exploitation, horror, grindhouse, and etc. If your cup of tea is a white psychiatrist talking to his black patient, and using the line “I can clearly see your nuts” ,and the camera flashes on the man’s balls hanging out his pants, if that made you laugh then this film is made for your taste of comedy. This is supposedly a cutting edge take on blackploitation films with some gore thrown in. God, if you guys had an issue with how many times Tarantino dropped the N word, you guys have not seen anything. It seems that every sentence in this film has that word in some way and almost every character, whether the character is human, a certain race, some kind of loch ness monster and even a sock puppet uses the word. This film focuses on two drug dealers one is named Baking Soda and the other G.E.D. who lose all their customers when some new group start selling a new form of smack, and now they want to get their customers back and defend their jobs. This is a film that’s intentions seem to be in the right place but it just feels so flat and unfunny. The actors are clearly over their heads and instead of trying to use smart humor they just keep their feet in this obnoxious juvenile done to death material. I am not even sure if they can be called actors, they seem to be more about just saying anything to stay on the screen, even when it makes no sense or has no rhyme or reason. A little thought would have went a long way with this film, but they tried to make a dumbed down offensive for the wrong reasons bore fest and succeeded. Now, not everything in this film is bad, the film does have some moments when you will get a laugh out of it, or that you can see they are trying. This film for its credit is so un-Hollywood that I have interest to see more from these guys. This is a film for people who liked Bruno, who loved Date Movie and those films. This film does not waste one moment trying to apologize for what it is, and that is a low budget film designed to get this kind of reaction from crowds, that people are dumbfounded by the film and what it delivered and yet cannot stop talking about this film whether positive or negative. This is the part of the review I am supposed to give you a one out of ten, and tell you if I recommend it, but to be honest, this film to me is so fucking bad that I feel some people will love this film and I will not give it a number, but say I was not someone who loved it and would never watch it again, but I would love to see what is next.