Movie Review-Olympus Has Fallen


Coming at you August 13th

Review-The latest film by Antoine Fuqua tells us that North Korea can execute a terrorist threat and infiltrate the White House. With other films like White House Down out that shows us also that the White House is not as secure as we think it is. I have always been a on and off fan of Fuqua. When he is on the money, Shooter and Training Day for example he fires on all cylinders and keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. When he is off, he is off badly like for example King Arthur and Brooklyn’s Finest. The good news is that this time he is right on the money and gives us a really thrill a minute good time that will keep men interested with the action, and women interested with the male leads of Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and who knows maybe Morgan Freeman. The title to the film is told to us early in the film, Olympus is a Secret Service code for the White House. The president is named Benjamin Asher who seems like he was inspired by Ronald Reagan. The other lead is Mike Banning who was once a presidential protection person until something happened that now has him doing some light work in the treasury of the service. As you can guess, our treasury employee becomes a key person when the president gets kidnapped, and the events that put him in that department will come to light in the film, and be involved in the plot. Fuqua gave us so much detail into the kidnapping aspect of the film which really made the film have a touch of realism and not just all dumb shoot em ups and explosions. Plus you take the news about North Korea that has Americans still talking and this film could be seen as a film that can happen at any time. The film is not the least bit original, but it does not need to be. It is really entertaining and the script and characters worked and keep you involved in the film. When Banning finds himself the one who can stop this and save the president, the film just gets a little hokey and a little too Hollywood but it is still entertaining. I think Gerard Butler does come across as believable for the most part, but he also tries so hard to come across as an action hero, and I felt that he should have toned that down and not gave us all these situations that really feel like they were more for trying to make his actions feel so much more heroic. The film’s biggest issue lies in that they should have just played this out like Training Day, where it just normal people on a normal day handling things like normal people. I liked this film, but I just hated that at times this film was trying too hard to dumb itself down with some of the situations that Gerard is in, but what can I say it is Hollywood. I will say this I will watch this film again and I felt it was a good popcorn flick that you and your date will enjoy. God, it is a million times better than Die Hard 14 the one where his kid is only a month younger than he is, and White House Down, or as they call it on the green board meeting…GI Joke with Ray.

8.5 out of 10