Movie Review-Nightmares Come at Night: Remastered Edition [Blu-ray]


Nightmares are not the only thing coming this Tuesday…

Review-April 2013 was a hard time for most of us film fans when news broke that Jess Franco died. Jess Franco deserves the title icon, and hopefully even mainstream Hollywood one day will give him his due. His filmography is what 200 films, and some years the man put out what 4 to 5 films, hell in 75 he made 11 films. The man had a career that spanned what 54 years, and if he was alive right now would probably have 3 more films in the can. Nightmares Come At Night was the one film that when people heard it was coming out on Blu Ray from Redemption that they are stoked the most over. This film had a small dvd release in the mid 2000’s by Media Blasters, but now we have the Blu Ray release. Diana Lorys who played in Dr. Orlof is a former stripper named Anna, she feels that she is going insane and confides in Doctor Lucas. Living with Cynthia she is being haunted by dreams that she is committing murder. This film is a very patient film, not so much what you see, but you the viewer what you have to go thru, it takes a lot of patience. This film feels like it was put together and does not fit together. It seems to me this film is a puzzle that was thrown all over the ground and someone tries to jam the pieces together to make them fit and is happy even if it is wrong. Where Media Blasters did not pay attention to detail, Redemption did, the film as we are told was shot in two different sources. And that Kino decided to make the film flow by keeping it at the same source. This film is such a bad film, Cynthia in the subplot seems to be in cahoots with some jewel thieves and they have this plan to drive Anna crazy and make her their scapegoat for the crime. This film is Franco showing signs of fatigue and trying to do too much at one time. This film is grainy, and dubbed track is horrible. But, the dream sequences are awful and you the viewer cannot tell what is going on most of the time which is not a knock on the studio trying to put out the best product, it is more on what the film actual is.
This is one of those hyped lost films that I feel when people do finally witness it; they are going to wish it was lost longer. I know myself, reading the horror mags and being such a Franco fan I was stoked to finally get this on blu ray until I got it. This is the worst of the three releases from Franco this week, and it is sad because this was the one I thought would really deliver just from the history of the film. Franco is a legend, and if the internet and blogging was around when this film first came out in Belgium in 1970, I feel this film would not be such a lost treasure.

3 out of 10