Movie Review-Harold’s Going Stiff


Review-I have heard so much hype about Harold’s Going Stiff, that I almost feared watching it. The thing with me, I do not mind some attention or maybe one or two credible reviewers telling me something is ok, when it gets to the point people feel like they are in full salesman mode with an ad hanging over their words, it just feels that it may be too much. Now that being said, this film was really fun and deserving of the praise. This film is supposedly a mockumentary about zombies. This film talks about this condition that seems to be happening to all British men and focuses on one elderly man named Harold Gimble. His story is about him getting pains and aches, then he starts to get stiffness in his joints that he starts to assume may not be all blamed for old age. He tells us how he cannot do certain things anymore, and how when he tries to do simple things like get a piece of cake and cut into it, is painful and excoriating. The film where it takes a turn from regular zombie fare is this is a story that can be seen as all of us when we get older, Harold is older and lives alone, his body seems to be failing him. We meet a nurse in the film that tries to help Harold, named Penny she is a very nice woman and they seem to form a bond. The doctors discover as the film goes on that Harold is suffering from a condition that they think they can help with more tests and a search for some kind of cure. This film is touching, and at times very funny. This is not Shaun of the Dead so do not expect those goals off this film, it is not a blood soaked Romero fare either. This is more of a personal character study that at times may feel that the zombie feel of the film is actually code for something else.

8 out of 10