Movie Review-Hands of the Ripper


Review-Hands of the Ripper is finally on blu ray and thank god Synapse has put their magic hands on this. If you guys are done watching that other treasure Street Trash they released on blu ray around the same time, it is time to go into this blu ray and have some fun. The plot is basically a young girl watches her dad who seems to be Jack the Ripper murders the young girl’s mom. Keep in mind before we go any further that this film was released originally when Hammer was starting to lose its shine, and the studio released this film as a way to get the fanbase back, because Hammer at the time were deadset on not changing their ways and their films were suffering because of that. At this time, horror was changing and blood, sex and nudity was the new wave of luring fans and Hammer at the time was not on board with those. But, that all changed with a trio of films Vampire Lovers, Twins of Evil (which was released a while back and is amazing) and Lust for a Vampire. This is one of the films that they released that was Jack the Ripper themed. After Anna witnesses her mom dying, as you can guess she grows up to be violent and lost. We get introduced to Dr. Pritchard who meets her while attending a séance. He is dead set on whoring her out at first till that does not go too well, and then he decides to invite her into his home with an intention on trying to fix her. The violence does not mean anything to our doctor because he thinks that the more evil she does that he will figure out what drives her. The script to me was solid and the characters really delivered well off the page and made you involved and want to invest into this film. The murders in this film are really grisly and graphic, that you just feel that this film wanted to really raise the bar and get people talking. The film has very few negatives, I am just happy that this is on an awesome dvd/blu ray combo and that the people behind it put so much love and attention into it.

8 out of 10