Movie Review-Evidence


Coming August 20th

Review-Imagine a film sort of like Vantage Point with a premise sort of like V/H/S, and that is basically Evidence. I saw the trailer for the film, and was stoked about this film but sadly enough the trailer does it’s job very well, and the movie does not even come close to living up to what the trailer promised. The film is basically a story inside a story, with Police Detectives Reese and Burquez trying to piece together a massacre that happened when a bus filled with people broke down in the middle of nowhere. The detectives piece the crime together using cell phone footage that some victims shot on their phones and also a camcorder that someone used to tape the whole trip. The film seems to go back and forth between what the footage shows and the detectives trying to piece it all together. This film was frustrating; there is a scene where the detectives say “Every moment on tape is important we have to watch it all to establish a motive”. You are telling me that cops on the case of a mass murder is going to just sit there and watch a romance, a guy get jilted who asks the girl of his dreams to marry him and all this endless nonsense, and would not fast forward to see if they can get a piece of the killer or a glimpse of a face? The back-story to all the characters is lame and so dragging, that when things do start to get going, it just feels like an afterthought. The detective scenes in this film when they are trying to piece this all together are just utter ridiculous. So much overacting and just blank stares, that you felt compelled to fast forward this film yourself. Now comes the frustrating part, and god was it a rip off of all things Saw but I loved the final half hour of the film and almost how it ended. The film really piled on the suspense and intrigue in the last half of the film where you were interested in whom or what was to blame for the murders. I wish that the first hour of the film was remotely watchable or worth mentioning, you get so many character stories that seem to go nowhere. The back-stories seem like they are trying to just fill up time or to give the film a heart where when things go down, you have an interest in the characters. To me, this film should have introduced the threat earlier in the film, and added to the suspense instead of dragging us on this ride with all this nonsense and talking in circles dialogue. As far as a recommendation, I hate to give this film a bad review because the last half hour really packs a punch of sorts, even though it is heavily and I mean heavily influenced by Saw. Though, it did keep my attention- the film has so many flaws. Flaws like the script, the flow of the film, the characters, and most of all a trailer that promises us a film that will blow us away. This film is evidence enough that sometimes a film should be more thought out, and better executed.

5 out of 10