Movie Review-Dont Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey


Review-People talk about how the internet influenced film but when people think about what the internet did for music, it is always piracy that comes up. While that is one of the things the computer was responsible for, there are a ton of others, and bands going to pages like to listen to tribute bands to seek out a new member seem to be something that no one really talks about. Judas Priest first made news and inspired a film when they found their replacement singer in a tribute band and now Journey is another. Don’t Stop Believing-Everyman’s Journey seems like one of those stories that could feel more fiction than fact if someone told you on the street about it. I am not sure if Journey is still huge, but I feel that they still have a fan-base. When the issues with Steve Perry ended ties between the two they found a candidate named Arnel Pineda who lives on the other side of the world. We learn that he is a Filipino singer who had a fan who uploaded all these videos of him singing all these songs by all these bands which include Journey. The documentary has a lot of heart and a sense of humor to it, like when the band emails Pineda to ask him to audition in America and he has to get the Manila US Embassy to give him a Visa and he tells them that he is auditioning for Journey and they look skeptical and make him sing Wheel in the Sky. You realize that if he messed up the song he may not have been able to go to America or been in trouble and things like that give this film a sense of drama that things seem absurd but unveil themselves as almost life and death of a career situation. The film at times seems vague like it is leaving out another part of a story that may help us understand what is going on better. This film also shows us what Pineda has had to deal with in terms of what fans felt and the internet. Even, concertgoers were hard on him at first. But, this also shows how the Filipinos have flocked and have a new hero. This film offers Pineda a chance to talk to us and we learn a lot about him, and how he used to be a member of another band and that he had drug and booze issues that hurt the band. We also learn he is married, but the film is so vague into delving too deep into his life. The film seems like it is trying to touch bases more than talk about them. The film also shows us the debut show in South America when he is put in his place by the manager when he refused to play the role of Steve Perry and stand there and sing, instead he is running around like an obnoxious Bruce Dickinson/David Lee Roth type. They show us some of the human side and how it affected him, but they did not give us more in-depth stuff like how he could compromise. I admit I am an old school Journey fan. And this guy can sing his ass off, the story needs to be told but I feel this is the short of a story that requires a lot more work and background into. All in all, this was fascinating and worth a watch.

7 out of 10