Movie Review-Dog Pound


Review-The latest film from Tribecca is a juvenile delinquent little prison film called Dog Pound. Dog Pound is quite simply a very cold and cruel brutal film that I feel could be inspired by Larry Clark’s Kids. We are introduced to three kids, Angel who is 15 who was busted stealing an automobile, Butch who seems to be a very violent kid who hurt a police officer, and Davis who is thinks he is some slick rico-suave to women who is a drug dealer. The film opens with the three of them being busted for their crimes and going into Montana’s Enola Vale Youth Correctional Center at the same time. They form a bond like a brotherhood, and from the first day of entry they get picked on and it all starts with Butch who while he is sleeping gets gagged and beaten down by some other kids. This film from there goes more and more in violent territory with some of the most violent beatings I have seen this year. As you can guess, when the bullies get away with it on Butch, they will test the other newbies. From there, Butch decides to take the law in his own hands and seek revenge. As the film goes on we watch as Butch and his friends start to gain a reputation that all stems from Butch’s temper and how he gets more and more violent with things as the film plays out. The plot of this movie is pretty easy to go along with; you have kids in a prison trying to survive and give you a very gloomy glimpse of life inside of a prison for these kids. The film takes a turn around the hour mark which blew me away; the film goes from a violent calm to a very violent storm. During some horse-playing, one of the guards who was having a bad day and did not want to be at work because he is missing his daughter’s birthday takes it out on one of the kids and kills him. Which turns this film into a us vs. them scenario. The tension throughout the film was building and this killing really puts it over the top, where as you can tell by the cover, the film goes into a full on riot. This film does not try to go the Hollywood route and give you sympathetic characters, it gives you moments you want to care, but then the next scene you see the true genius of the director who gives you the character you felt pity for in a different light, where you are now fearful of what he could do. To the credit of all involved in this film they did not give you a cheap Hollywood ending or something to give you hope. The ending was more bleak and sadistic than you would expect. I was really yelling at the television to not end it like that, I wanted more and to see what was next. I really hope this is part of a sequel, because you cannot keep an audience on the edge of their seat and then pull the curtain and say bye. All in all, this film is cruel and utterly sadistic. You will sink lower and lower in your chair each scene wondering what is the worst that can happen, and then wondering after that if they can get much worst. This film delivers something that very few prison films do, and that is tension and an uneasy that sticks with you long after that fucked up ending.

8.5 out of 10