Movie Review-Do Not Disturb


Coming out on the 6th of August…

Review-Do Not Disturb is one of the last films Corey Haim was working on before his death. Also in this film are his then-finance Tiffany Shepis and Stephen Geoffreys. Stephen plays Dan who is a writer who has not put out anything in over 2 years and his PR I suppose Ava who is played by Shepis wants him to get a new book going. I will be honest; this film is a complete waste of time. Stephen tries his best to create a character that seems inspired by both Dexter and Donny Bonaduce. The film starts off flat and never gets any life, you almost feel the film only came out because to cash in on the late Haim, and see if his fans would be tricked into buying this. Haim does have some time in the film; he has this awful accent like he is trying to be Irish, when he talks it is like over-reaching and bad acting 101. Talk about an actor that should have been major in the 80’s, Haim should have been a bigger star, but whether you want to blame Feldman or just Haim’s own reputation, he was ostracized by the Hollywood machine. I think this film shows that Haim really gave up on his acting career and just did things for his name value alone. This film only knows one pace, and that is slow and very dull. The script felt it was written day by day of shooting, and the situations of our characters are just lifeless. This film after the hour mark, I found myself starting to nod on and off, because at that point the film just kept going and going, and seemed like it did not want to end. The only positive thing about this film is that it is over and the dvd is out of the player. There was not one scene in this film I could recommend, or even say was entertaining. Not one line of dialogue that I can sit here and tell you was cool. I mean if seeing Shepis in a bra shot trying to look like and act like she is Danielle Harris is your cup of tea, she gives you a shot. I know reviews are subjective, what I like, most of you may not, and vice versa. Let’s be real for a moment, I hate ice-cream and candy, how many of you have been eating those things? But, that being said, this film is bad and that is not subjective, that is a fact that anyone who sees it will tell you. There is a scene when Dan puts a guy in a tub and supposedly is torturing him, but we never get to see anything beside a face laying in an ice bath looking like he is suffering, better yet I am thinking he was an investor on this film and found out where his money was spent. Trust me, I would be suffering in that tub as well, if I invested anything into this film beside my time.

Why give it a number, I think you guys get the review, why beat a dead horse.