Movie Review-An American Ghost Story


August 20th from Breaking Glass Pictures

Review-An American Ghost Story takes a premise we know pretty well, a young couple who know a house is haunted and decide to move into it. Paul is this thrill seeker who is trying to write a book about this experience. Once inside the haunted house, we learn that the ghosts are of a father who murdered his entire family and maybe some of the family members. This film like all ghost films these days is a very slow burn and the first 30 minutes the jump scares are pretty basic, and really pack no punch to them. But, the film starts going outside of the formula and by the midway it is trying to think of some ideas that do start to work, jump scares that do pack some punch and get you wanting to see how this film ends up. One of the positives is that this film grows on you as it goes on, it is like reading a novel in a way that the further you dive into the story the more you find yourself wanting to read more and more. Paul is basically a generic character we have seen many times before, and he does nothing to try and stand out other than being another low rent indie guy who is trying to pretend he is reenacting Poltergeist. Like all these movies, Paul starts to get scared of what is happening around him but does not want to leave the house, even though his woman has left and he has seen shape intruders in sheets. Paul does go to the people who lived there previously and they even tell him to leave, and he just does not listen. The issue I had was that the character tried to act smart, but he just does not come across as bright. It is like me wanting to go swimming and seeing a shark fin coming towards the shore and still wanting to jump in the water. Why not have the characters get the fuck out of the house and maybe have the ghost try to hunt them down? Why do all the characters have to stay around in situations that normal sensible human beings would get the holy fuck out of. I mean didn’t Scream teach us anything? Why not make a horror film smart, even though it is not popular but at least it caters to a crowd that hates being dumbed down. This is basically a one man show, we do get some side characters to interject every now and then, but basically this is a one man show. The ending to this film was cheap, so was the set up to the final scene with Paul fighting a flashlight and blanket. Mild Spoiler, why does Paul taunt the ghost so much and dare it to appear, and when it does he gets all scared and tries to run for cover? What did you expect to show up, the energizer bunny? All these gripes aside the movies has its moments and from the 31 minute mark to the final battle it was pretty decent. Not the greatest, but this film had a lot of moments that were ok, and gave me enough to mildly recommend it.

7 out of 10