Movie Review-Among Friends


Coming August 27th

Review-Among Friends is a film that has to be seen to be believed. Danielle Harris goes behind the camera to direct this little sinister dark comedy that promises to surprise the casual horror film fan. This film is a study into how much we truly know the people we call our friends. As the film opens we meet a group of best friends who seem closer to each other than most families, but as the film starts to play out we start to see that maybe some people, who we presume to be one way, may not be that way. This film takes a group of friends who in the period of one night are forced to pay for their crimes as the person who brought them all together to hang out wants them to pay for their backstabbing, dishonesty and other crimes. The film centers around Bernadette who gets her friends together that are dressed like they came from the MTV mid 80’s movement to do this little party. The group play a game where they are on some murder mystery looking for their missing friend Lily. Well, what starts off as an innocent game changes when Bernadette puts something in their drinks that paralyzes them so she can tie them up. Well, Bernadette decides to show the friends all their crimes thru a series of video tapes that she makes the group sit through that range from one friend masturbating while lesbians are getting it on, to one friend having a threesome with her friends man and her friend’s brother, to one friend raping another and the witness to it running away. The film involves torture, as the group has to pay for any question they want answered by Bernadette, which includes some pretty gruesome torture porn goodness. The kicker to this film is that one of the members Jules before being drugged was doing mushrooms and it adds another flavor to this film that you know Danielle as a director had to have a field day with. One of her trips she thinks she is on a movie shoot with Michael Biehn and it just goes into this bizarre land where you are not so sure what is real anymore, and you can care less and are in it now for the ride. This film has a sense of humor that is so dark, you almost feel guilty for laughing but you feel more for not laughing. The script feels fresh and is strong, I mean this is a bunch of up-and-coming stars really going for it and having fun doing it. You just feel the excitement they are putting into each line of dialogue. The best part of this film is you have no idea what direction it is going in, and that you feel like you just do not want the film to stop. If this is Danielle Harris directing, I say stop acting and direct more. The negatives and there are a few, there really is no backstory on Bernadette and why she is acting the way she is. I wish we knew more into what her possible motive or motivation was, but that final shot of the film I feel Danielle felt it would be cutting edge, but I wish it had a little bit to it. And then as the credits go on, we get another scene that I felt was thrown in for no other reason but to maybe get people more confused. But, those gripes aside this is a solid little film that I had a damn good time with and will be watching again.

8.5 out of 10