Movie Review-Absence


Review-Can I honestly say that found footage films has officially run their course. While I do admit that once in a blue moon I get a good one, but lord even at the point they are kicking out these days, the good ones are starting to suffer just from being guilty by genre. Absence make no mistake about it, no matter how you slice it, is not a good film. I think blaming the found footage aspect on this film seems like a cop out, because I just felt that even if they would not have resorted to that, this film still would have been pretty awful. Liz is pregnant, and her husband Rick is going to be a dad. Then after 7 months into it, Liz discovers one morning that she is no longer pregnant. The doctor are baffled, was it a bad dream, was it a miscarriage, was it an alien, who knows until you sit thru this slow burn, and I mean slow as all hell burn film to find out. Well after the first six minutes of the film gives us that premise, now we become engulfed in the world of the video camera. Everything we have seen in every other film starts to come into play. You got the couple and some friends going into a cabin in the woods, you have the joking around, you have them damn silly town folk that seem so bored by their own life, that the camera in their life to video tape them had to be an improvement. The characters are annoying, the situations they get themselves in are predictable, and the film really gets no life until the final 15 minutes, which I understand building a film up, but you do not need to build a film for 75 minutes of pure stupid, redundancy and boredom, and then give us something that is almost decent. This film lacks suspense, drama and a horror element that can keep fans invested in caring about the ending sequence that does provide a positive to this whole film. The pacing in this film is bad, the script was worst, the acting in this film was bad, and the only thing I felt an Absence of was the time I wasted watching this.

4 out of 10