Metal Review: Scythe: Subterranean Steel (2013)

Scythe Subterranean SteelFrom the ashes of Chicago underground metal sensation Usurper, comes Scythe with its sophomore release, “Subterranean Steel” September 11, 2013 via Primitive Reaction Records. It was a tough pill to swallow back in 2007 when Usurper broke up after a 14 year run. Their style of death / thrash metal was a nice mix. With Scythe, it feels like they never left us.

Subterranean Steel” has better production values than its predecessor, but still has that raw sound that the bands feeds off of. The sound is still muddy, but it has an intentional muddiness and is not through the fault of the album’s production.

“Subterranean Steel” starts off with Leather Aggressor and it is a nice anthemic type of track with sweet riffs and a very catchy chorus. Monarch quickly follows and includes more thrash metal style riffs. Rick Scythe’s vocals are as sharp as raspy as ever and his gutterals are deep and layered. The title track, Subterranean Steel, is the highlight of the album with its infectious groove and thrash / punk style breakdown.

October Dies is another track layered in grooves and riffs. The Grunting Dead is a frenetic, fast paced thrash riff fest with howls and shrieks as if coming from the dead. This is just a fun song.

Basically, the album is a big pile of riffs and anger, which makes me happy. You need to add this one to your collection, especially for Usurper fans. Scythe fans will not be let down either. The band is showing no signs of letting up.

Subterranean Steel Track Listing:
01. Leather Aggressor
02. Monarch
03. Subterranean Steel
04. October Dies
05. The Grunting Dead
06. The Bray Beast
07. Beyond the Northwoods
08. Nights of Terror
09. Thunder Hammer

Scythe Line-up:
Rick Scythe: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Geist: Bass, Vocals
Joey Contreras: Drums