Metal Review: Paria: Surrealist Satanist (2013)

Paria Surrealist SatanistGermany’s black metal outfit Paria latest effort “Surrealist Satanist,” is an album that I can get behind. The band, who’s history has been shrouded in secracy, goes all the way back to 1995 although their debut full-length did not get released until 2008. Since 2008, they have had another full length release with “Unchain the Unclean” and a mix of demos and splits to their name.

“Surrealist Satanist” keeps its approach simple at to the point, but the individual musicians have plenty of talent. Bass/vocalist Panzerdaemon carries the groove on many of the tracks and drummer Gonzo Goatpestilence brings the pain with his blastbeats straight from hell. Akeon handles the guitar work with precision through the release as well.

The album is a bulldozer from start to finish which pummels everything in its path. One of the standouts on the album is (Behold) The Face of the Timeless Usher, which clocks in at about 7:30 and runs the listener over from beginning to end. Panzerdaemon’s vocals are uninvading at times with the guitar riff taking the lead at times.

Sodomsphinx is another track that is relentless in its approach. The tempo changes happen at the most opportune time.

Overall, “Surrealist Satanist” is a solid release and a nice throwback to classic black metal releases from bands like Mayhem.

Surrealist Satanist Track Listing:
1. Psychonautikkch Paradigma
2. Surrealist Satanist
3. The Green Angels of Obscurity
4. Wormlike Proselitysm
5. (Behold) The Face of the Timeless Usher
6. Sodomsphinx
7. Oceans of Spermwhite Solitude

Paria Line-up:
Akeon – Guitars
Gonzo Goatpestilence – Drums
Panzerdaemon – Bass, Vocals

Record Label: W.T.C. Productions