Metal Review: Majalis: Cathodic Black (2013)

Majalis Cathodic Black

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Tobias Netzell and Bjorn Pettersson from In Mourning have created a new side project entitled Majalis and their debut 3 song EP “Cathodic Black” is upon us. Majalis mixes various elements of atmospheric metal including doom metal and progressive metal.

Clocking in at just under 26 minutes, and containing 3 songs, “Cathodic Black” is a nice sampling of what we can expect from this atmosperic project. It is a despair-filled horror story that keeps you mesmerized throughout its brief listen. The album opens with Rusting Sun, an over 9 minute opus that hits so many highs and lows throughout its playing time. It sets up a nice atmosphere and keeps you engrossed the entire way through.

Altar is a song that opens with an atmosphere that sets the stage for a truly epic, heavy song. The riffs are darker and more evil than the opener, but the song is no less impressive. In fact, I enjoy Altar more during most listens to the album. The dual vocals section near the end of the track is intense.

The album closes with Tooth and Bone, which wastes no time getting started. It sounds amazing on headphones as the stereo sounds are picked up even better, which sets up this atmospheric track so well.

Majalis shows us that the band has full control of their instruments with the guitar work of Björn Pettersson and Tobias Netzell leading the way. Daniel Jansson’s vocals are just what the music calls for and he proves that he is no slouch on bass either. Drummer Jonas Martinsson keeps the band in check for the entire ride too.

Overall, “Cathodic Black” is an ass-kicker of a debut EP that you need to get your hands on. I am addicted.

Cathodic Black Track Listing:
1. Rusting Sun 09:14
2. Altar 06:50
3. Tooth and Bone 09:23
Total Running Time: 25:27

Majalis Line-up:
Jonas Martinsson – Drums
Bj̦rn Pettersson РGuitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Tobias Netzell – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Daniel Jansson – Vocals, Bass