Metal Review: Mahogany Head Grenade: Return to the Point of Departure (2013)

Mahogany Head Grenade Return to the Point of Departure

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It is still unbelievable that a band with the sound of Texas’ instrumental trio Mahogany Head Grenade could slip me by until now. As a guitar player and lover of all things musical, I have always had a soft spot for instrumental work. Unfortunately, most of the instrumental work out there is all fluff and no substance. Guitarists are more concerned with showing how fast they can play, not how melodic, nor how to even write a proper song.

Mahogany Head Grenade has blown my mind with “Return to the Point of Departure,” an album so refreshing that I cannot stop listening to it. I will give kudos to Dan Hyer’s guitar work as it is exceptional, but I cannot leave out the sweet basslines by James Falcon. Of course, drummer Mike Pritcheet keeps them both in checkout throughout this 5 song release.

The title track, Return to the Point of Departure, hits you like a ton of bricks with the guitar right off the bat and sets you up for what is to come. At nearly 7 minutes long, it is only the third longest song of “Return to the Point of Departure.” Trouble For Trouble is the track where the band shines. The bass is in your face the entire time with the massive riffs echoing in your ears. The melodic section is captivating as well.

Vinedresser is another track that is guitar virtuoso heaven. The riffs are all in your face and powerful with never a dull moment. Each song is distinct and survives well on its own with something unique to offer. This is a highly recommended album that I cannot say nice things about.

Return to the Point of Departure Track Listing:
01. Return to the Point of Departure
02. Trouble For Trouble
03. Vinedresser
04. Etude War Machine
05. Venetian Bricks

Mahogany Head Grenade Line-up:
Dan Hyer: Guitar
Mike Pritcheet: Drums
James Falcon: Bass