Metal Review: Exitus | Statutum Est Hominibus Mori

Statutum Est Hominibus MoriExitus was an early doom metal band from Finland that released one official demo sold to friends and through underground metal zines back in the day before disbanding. After disbanding, one member started the psychedelic space-rock band Dark Sun (with one other Exitus member joining him later on). They were very inspirational to a few doom metal bands.

Svart Records has decided to reissue this little gem on vinyl and CD for people who had not heard of the band back in the day, so on August 23, 2013, “Statutum Est Hominibus Mori” will be released in a Gatefold jacket + bonus CD. I am looking forward to this release as this album is a dirty, grimy tribute to what once was doom metal.

About the brief introduction to the album, we are treated to Black Heritage, which incorporates thrash metal style riffs with death metal riffs and that classic raspy voice heard by a lot of bands of this era. The riffwork is raw, but always spot on and the riffs change tempo with such ease.

Reprobate starts off with that familiar doom metal thud and some nice riffwork. The thudding bass sounds so good on this one. The rawness of the demo shines through, but has decent enough production value to it where it does not sound horrible. Tears of Despair is another grimy piece of material that sounds like you need to take a bath once you are done with it. I would have it no less.

Overall, this is an experience that was only around for too brief a time, and Svart Records has done us all a favor by bringing this gem back for more metal fans to hear.

Statutum Est Hominibus Mori Track Listing:
1. Intro: The Metamorphosis
2. Black Heritage
3. Reprobate
4. A Light in the Darkness
5. Tears of Despair
6. Hymn to Sorrow
7. Thanatos