Metal Review: Ensnared | Ensnared (2013)

EnsnaredSwedish death metal can be something very special when done correctly, and I am happy to say that Gothenburg Sweden’s Ensnared is bringing that good old feeling back to death metal with their self-titled EP, “Ensnared.” Featuring 6 songs of crushing, skull pounding death metal, Ensnared is proving that they want to be a force to be reckoned with in the death metal community.

Originally formed under the name Gravehammer in 2005, the band morphed into Ensnared in 2010 following Gravehammer’s “Ensnared in Dismal Blasphemies” EP. The “Ensnared” EP, which is due out September 6, 2013 via Nuclear Winter Records, consists of the 3 original songs from their demo and 3 more bonus tracks found on this CD release. Think of Altars era Morbid Angel and earlier Opeth and you have a pretty good idea of what Ensnared is bringing to the table.

Ensnared is quite an impressive offering for an EP. The songs are substantial in length and all have a great flow. Adorations opens this opus with its heartpounding sections and an outro that elevates the song even higher. The Hungry Darkness of Death is one of those tracks where Ensnared comes off as a band that has been around for 20 years. The track is a 9 minute surreal journey with flawless riffwork and great individual displays by all band members.

The final two tracks, Fields of Resurrection and Baneful Blood, are brutal death metal pieces swung like a ten ton hammer. There is no remorse on these tracks.

Overall, “Ensnared” is a blast to listen to and makes us have faith in Swedish death metal once again.