Metal Review: Argus: Beyond the Martyrs (2013)

Argus Beyond the Martyrs

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U.S. doom metal outfit Argus is back with their third release, “Beyond the Martyrs,” and with it, we can even more of an extension to their sound from 2011’s “Boldly Stride the Doomed.” “Beyond the Martyrs” has an October 1, 2013 release date in North America and October 7, 2013 release date in the UK.

As expectedm Argus remains driven by the intense vocal work of Butch Balich alongside some truly sweet rhythm work and grooves from the band. The guitars have a very nice tone where the solos have a cleaner sound without being overly distorted. It gives the listener the ability to hear each note being struck and makes it tougher for the player to hide their mistakes. There are so many twin guitar harmonies that show that Argus knows how to play that axe.

Songs like the opening track, By Endurance We Conquer, employ so many facets to Argus’ sound such as intricate guitar licks and great guitar tandem work rivaling melodic moments from bands like Iron Maiden. No Peace Beyond the Line has such a nice thrash metal groove to it. Trinity has some sweet vocals. Other standouts include The Coward’s Path and Cast Out All Raging Spirits.

Overall, this is a must-add to your collection for fans of Argus’ previous work and keeps me excited for what is to come from this band.

Beyond the Martyrs Track Listing:
1. By Endurance We Conquer
2. No Peace Beyond The Line
3. The Hands of Time Are Bleeding
4. Trinity
5. Four Candles Burning
6. The Coward’s Path
7. Cast Out All Raging Spirits
8. Beyond The Martyrs

Argus Line-up:
Butch Balich – vocals
Jason Mucio – guitar
Erik Johnson – guitar
Andy Ramage – bass
Kevin Latchaw – drums