Blu Ray Review-The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season


The Dead will walk on August 27th

Review-At the end of season 2 we were given a lot to look forward to with this season. Herschel’s land burned down to the ground, Shane was killed, and the group sort of was at odds with Rick leading it. At the end of the season, we were introduced to the prison which would become a major factor in this season and we were introduced to the character people call Michonne. So, going into this season the expectations were high and I am happy to say that this season not only met them, but blew them away. People, who bitched that Season 2 did not give them enough zombie kills, got their fill this year. Every episode it seems the goal was to kill as much as possible. The prison which was an ending shot last season became where Rick and the gang hung out at. At first, there were lots of zombies but they got rid of them, and then the prisoners came into play that were hidden and locked up so they can survive. Also, the season that Rick’s wife gave birth to their baby. Then, we go to the other side of the story and we meet a character who would become Rick’s new foe, the Governor. He has this peaceful town where there are no zombies and everyone lives like the zombie outbreak never happens. But, behind that facade is the true story of this town, that the Governor is evil and kills anyone who poses any kind of threat to him and his reign. Andrea, who was left for dead by Rick and the gang, comes to the Governor’s town with her friend Michonne. As the season goes on, Andrea and The Governor start to fall for each other, and the whole time Michoone knows there is more going on in this city than he is letting on.

This season had many surprises that I will not spoil in case you did not see it, and the mid-season cliff hanger was good. The only negative to this season is how they kept that story between the two going forward after. I felt like it sort of was thrown to the side for the natural show down that everyone wanted that being the Rick vs. The Governor. Which, I think in Season 4 we are going to get into a lot deeper esp. with hints that they are going to be more faithful to the graphic novel this time out. This season really started the bond between Glenn and Maggie that you almost know what could be in store next season. I felt that the Governor and the couple in their time of torture was really a cool twist to throw into the story and give Maggie a sense of vulnerability and fear. Going forward, I just see The Walking Dead really turning it up this season to compete with Season 3. I loved the new scenarios they threw at us, like Rick losing his mind and becoming almost a sort of a loose cannon and the sense that Rick views the group more of a means to his end. I feel that this show is going to go down in the same way Dexter, the original Night Stalker, and Tales from the Crypt. This is such a must watch and see television show, that horror fans should embrace our own soap opera.

10 out of 10