August Top Ten List…The Top 10 Songs of 2013 so far….James Picks

I was originally going to do a list of the best films of 2013 so far, and I had a struggle with it. So, I figure this list may be a little easy because when it comes to music besides bands and singers I am into… I do admit I am a fan of those catchy pop songs and those obscure songs that come out of nowhere and change my day. So, this is my list of the best songs of this year so far.

10. Snow Patrol-Called out in the Dark


9. Phil Anselmo and the Illegals-Bedroom Destroyer


8. Deftones-Swerve City


7. Thracia-Eyes Shine Black


6. Kingdom Come- Rough Ride Rallye


5. Meiko-Under My Bed


4. Enabler-The Heathens


3. Lord Mantis-Septichrist


2. Ruby-Last Life


1. Eula-Little Hearts


Eula is one of those bands that I feel if CMJ magazine was still around and MTV was doing 120 Minutes and taking it serious, would benefit huge. 2013 is the comeback year for Ruby herself Lesley Rankine and she is making music exciting again. And then we have the sugary pop rock of Meiko and Snow Patrol, that I admit I am a fan of. Not their whole cds, but that one song they have that is so damn catchy. Then, you got the metal, you got the mighty Lord Mantis who unless a miracle happens, will have the best cd of 2013 on my list then there is Enabler who I feel is just that metal band that has that old school heart and passion that is so lacking in music these days, just straight out fuck you let’s rock, and the best cd Phil Anselmo has done since his days in Pantera. This has to be the most obscure list, but all these songs are awesome, and plus any list that has Meiko, Kingdom Come and Lord Mantis with Eula number one, how can it be wrong? Thanks…