10 Artists that are long overdue for a new record-James picks

This month’s top ten comes from the big announcement that Led Zeppelin are rumored to be working on new music and next month being the first release in almost 17 years from Mazzy Star. This month is ten records that I am hoping in my lifetime I get to hear. And I am begging do not give us no half ass horrible shit like Black Sabbath did and try to sell us that is where your heart is.

10. Guns and Roses

Axl Rose has said that he was rushing to get a follow up record out. I feel after the long wait for Chinese, he owed us the follow up faster than this. I am still a Guns fan, and even can find some decent song on this flop. I would say I more want the next cd to have the original band members, but I would be better off asking for a million dollars to fall from the sky.

9. Portishead

This is another one of those bands who seem these days to want to take their time between records. Third took what 11 years to come out. We are now at the 5 year mark and there is not one rumbling about new music or even a track on compilation. I am not sure if the negative response from fans about Third has the band maybe not wanting to put out new music. Lord knows the music industry needs Portishead. Lord knows a bad Portishead record is way better than 80 percent of bands on their best records.

8. Saigon Kick

You got 3/4th of the original band back, and you been playing gigs and getting along. Why not make a new record? I am a huge fan of the first two records and think Saigon Kick still has so much to offer the musical world. Just do more stuff like the debut and less of the Lizard’s ballads.

7. Velcra

Talk about an underrated band. This band has put out three amazing records and has not made a dent. It has been 5 years since Hadal and I loved that they experimented more and more each record. This is another band that is so due to be big, and so missed.

6. Kathleen Hanna

When Le Tigre split, and the Fakes one off was over, it just seems that Kathleen disappeared. J.D. Samson went on to form The Men, and it just seems that unless you watched The Beastie Boys speech on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that Kathleen has not been seen or heard from. Julie Ruin, Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, and so much more god does music need a pissed off Kathleen Hanna to shake it up.

5. Siouxsie & The Banshees


I loved the Siouxsie solo records, but it has been almost 6 years since we got one. I loved The Creatures, but it has been way longer since we got one of those. So, why not give us a Banshee record instead, it has been way too long and I feel that they have yet to do that record to end their career with, that one record that give their fans a proper goodbye.

4. Concrete Blonde

I will admit I love Johnette Napolitano’s voice. It has been 8 years since a Concrete Blonde record and 6 since a solo record. I will admit I am selfish on this one, I am not so much wanting a new record, I want a fucking tour.

3. Scarling

8 years is a long time. I know they did an ep, then some cd singles with bonus tracks, then the full length and then disappeared. I doubt there is work on a Jack off Jill reunion so I am not sure what the holdup is. Sad, this band could have been something.

2. Pigface

I will be the first to admit their last record 4 plus years ago 6 was horrid. I felt they only recorded it to have an excuse to go on tour, because that is where their home is, on the road. Martin Atkins I feel now in his career is at the crossroads when he feels that Pigface has run its course, just like Invisible Records. But fuck, you put out some amazing records on the label like Meg Lee Chin’s debut even though she is a dense tard, Lick’s awesome debut and so much more. I feel now that Lesley Rankine has said she is down for a reunion that Pigface could really create something very special.

1. Kat Bjelland

There has been no new Katastrophy Wife music in many, many years…Babes in Toyland music, the last cd of original music they had was what 95. I would love to see what Kat Bjelland has to offer music today; lord knows it has been so many years.

  • James DePaolo

    I think Vinnie Paul and Phil will be in the studio together before we see a new Guns and Roses record. No offense, but today’s musicians cannot have an ego anymore or pride, shit no one buys music like they used to. So you have to make it special, why not reunite the original Guns and Roses and make it something..or get Phil and Vinnie to do something. To them, those doors and chapters are closed but Mike, to fans like me and you would like that proper goodbye tour or record, and then we can have the finality of it.

  • fearshop

    When Axl Rose said that he was “rushing to get a follow up record out,” I think that he meant before 2020 LOL. It would be nice, but I just cannot see it happening anytime soon.