WWE Money in the Bank 2013-Preview and Predictions


Tonight is WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV, and the card looks so solid. Without further delay let’s give our two cents.

John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship
I put Henry in the same category as I put Kane when he started the stuff with Daniel Bryan. This is some of Henry’s best stuff in a long time in terms of promos and matches, and I feel it would be great to have him win. Now that being said, this card is basically a build up to the major four card next month SummerSlam. While we would love to see Henry win it, I think Cena retains. Cena is their Hogan for this era, and it seems that like Hogan all these challengers pose a grave challenge for him, and he defies the odds. I felt they should have given the strap to Ryback just to give us something different. Cena right now is the name that puts people in the arena, and until the challenger is another name that has the same impact like a CM Punk or maybe Daniel Bryan, I just do not see Vince with his ratings up and down, wanting to take the gamble unless it has a big payoff. And right now, I think the smart money is we see Cena retain.

Winner and new Champ-John Cena

After the match, I feel that Daniel Bryan is going to cash in the case tonight and win the title from Cena. I know this is a far off prediction, but why not I been wrong many times before, but I have been right just as many.

Winner and new Champ-Daniel Bryan

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship:
This match all depends on how much they believe in this Ziggler face push. I feel the smart money if they see long term on this, is to have A.J. cost Ziggler the match to open the Big E feud for next month. The smarter money would be for Ziggler to win and get cashed in on tonight. The MITB on this side are all heels, so if Del Rio retains what happens, they turn someone face to cash in on him? I think Ziggler has secondary goals to work with like the A.J and Big E. breakup coming, that Del Rio retains.

Winner and still champ-Alberto Del Rio

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback:
One thing is for sure Chris Jericho is a company guy. This being his rumored last run with WWE, he has been intent on getting over future talent. This match like this feud mean nothing, and all the damage Ryback has been thru, this character is so in need of yet another rebuilding. What do you do with Ryback, he has lost how many title matches cleanly? I felt that the trigger should have either been pulled back in January.


A.J. Lee vs. Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship:
If you want proof that Vince watches TNA wrestling, beside the Raw opening being a direct rip off of what they do, the women’s division is proof enough. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell made news everywhere for their series of matches being some of the best in the history of women’s wrestling and now you have A.J and Kaitlyn who had a great match last month and looks to try and up it tonight. This feud seems silly, but has really done the impossible. It made the women mean something; you no longer have Eve and 15 other faceless women. You have characters, and all the women have story lines now. This match if it is shooting to try and outshine Thursday knockout match on TNA, it has a tall task to try.

Winner and Still Champ-A.J. Lee

Curtis Axel vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship:
This is WWE basic, have a champ who loses non-title matches, and a challenger that has been jobbing and put them together. Axel is going to be a star in time, and it is going to take time. Right now, they seem to have their foot on the gas and want to get him out there immediately. The Miz is another fall from grace star, just a few years ago he headlined PPV’s, had the highest rated segments on Raw and had a great world title run. Today, he seems content with just keeping his job.

Winner and still Champ-Curtis Axel

Raw All Stars Money in the Bank Match for the WWE Championship Contract (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Christian, Rob Van Dam, and a possible Kane replacement):
Rob Van Dam in a match with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, how can this match not deliver? Look at this lineup; expect them to steal the show. As far as winning, the money is on Bryan as he is heading into a feud with Cena. Though with RVD being the original Paul Heyman guy back in the day, what a possible feud with Punk once Lesnar has run his course. Punk is money with or without the title, and he is main event both ways as well. Bryan seems to be what the fans want, and the only Cena feud that feels fresh.

Winner and Mr. Money in the Bank-Daniel Bryan

Rising Stars Money in the Bank match for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract (Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Dean Ambrose, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Fandango):
Rising stars? Help me out here; Barrett has had how many title matches in the past? How many main events? Cody has been with the company a little shy of 5 years and also has had main event matches. Swagger was a former world heavyweight champion. How are those three rising stars? As for the match itself, look for some people to want to notch their belt and get their names out there. As far as a winner, my heart and soul says Wade Barrett or Antonio Cesaro, but I am going with the dark horse that no one is predicting to win.

Winner and Mr. Money in the Bank-Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. The Uso Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Championship

I think once they won all the gold, the act of The Shield did start to get a little stale. I am a huge fan of Rollins, and feel he has a main event push in him and should have been put in the Money in the Bank match. When the major players do not hold the tag titles on a PPV, that match is either on Raw or pre show, what a shame. If they were going to pull the trigger on any team right now beating the Shield, it would not be the Uso’s. Maybe the Wyatt’s down the road but right now there is no active tag team that will take the belts from them.

Winner and Still Champs-The Shield