Wicked Channel Interview-Mr. Filth himself Jim Powers


3 fucking years, Wicked Channel we finally got the man, the myth and legend fucking Jim Powers. Many props to my friend, Sir Tommy Pistol who may have had a lot to do with Jim wanting to go to a mainstream site and talk. You think I am going to not deliver, you must be a mother fucking insane. This interview is going to keep your attention….enjoy readers. Jim Powers on Wicked Channel, that is because of all you readers who check us out and you other people who believe in us with your stuff. Though after reading this interview, most of you will regret that comment, ha ha.

1. Jim Powers, this is such an honor. Thank you. I guess the obvious first question should be what was the first film or television show that inspired you to be a director?

I was heavily into horror and monster movies when I was a kid. As well as comic books. I originally wanted to be a comic book artist. When I first started college I was an art major but feeling I had no possible way to make money in that field and my dad did not want a starving artist he pushed me to go to business school. Becoming a director of movies was not really a plan I had. I fell into it out of necessity when I was producing a porn film and the director was on acid lying on the ground staring at an incense stick and I had to take over.

2. Were you a fan of the adult industry before going into it? If so, did any films inspire you? If so, which ones?

I was a huge fan of the adult industry before I ever got into it. As a kid in junior high I used to draw porno comix and collected Hustler. I used to get the girl who would watch us when my mom worked to buy me Hustler. In college when VHS was out we would rent porn and watch them in the dorms. I loved Tracy Lords, Gail Force, Ginger Lynn, Stacy Donovan etc. Our hero was Tom Byron cause he played the college guy all the time. Favorite film: Dr Penetration and Talk Dirty to me Part III.

3. What do you think is the biggest misconception about Jim Powers?

The biggest misconception about me is I only shoot ultra hardcore and degrading sex. Which is absolutely wrong. (not that I haven’t). But – I consider myself first and foremost a director/cameraman so I try to make movies. I’ve always pushed to have a story in every thing I shot. I hated the lameness of the gonzo era that dominated the min 00’s when all it was was “look at me, I’m a porn stud and I”m going to fuck this hot new girl from Minnesota on my desk in my office at (fill in the blank)”.

4. This is what I call name association, and because you are Jim Powers I had to think hard about this one. What I am going to do is name an actress or someone in the business that I think you know, and you say anything you want. Were they a pleasure to work with or were they a pain to admit you know, any dirt you want to dish.

A. Gauge

Gauge- wow, how funny, she was just in my office yesterday. She’s coming back. (like they all do). She was a wild hillbilly chick with her hillbilly boyfriend when she came into porn. I think Gauge I think of absolutely perfect little titties.

B. Ashley Blue

Ashley Blue – classic case of a girl too smart for porn. I think that’s what drove her so nuts at time. It was what made her be the girlvert. She will forever be the GIRLVERT – which is cool cause she is one of the few girls in the history of porn that is associated with a fictional character. I think Ashley I think of fighting with her all the time, hanging out cause she was a friend, and her shoving her fingers down her throat to make spit. I still talk to Ashley

C. Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow – Aurora was funny cause she was really smart but at the same time a total dummy cause she would attach herself to morons. She would have to drug and drink herself into a coma to do scenes so it became really tough to shoot her. hard to believe she lasted so long.

D. Autumn Haze

Autumn Haze was a big girl. Beautiful face is and natural big girl body. I always remember her as having a very elastic asshole and pussy

E. Max Hardcore

Max Hardcore is and was a character. A real life Freddy Kruger. He became the symbol for masochist child molesters in porn. In real life a very cool guy. He created a character that was very scary but at the same time very hip.

F. Rob Black

Rob Black is like a cult leader. Kind of like Manson. You follow him to your doom. I was never part of his click, knew him because we were contemporaries, shot cam for a director of his and worked with all the Extreme people at one point but I never really dealt with him that much. I do understand the anger he now feels for the industry and I do think he mostly speaks the truth and says things you shouldn’t if you want to keep your job. Kind of reminds me of a young Austrian who gave speeches in beer halls in Munich in the 1920s.

5. A lot of people are fans of your Babysitter series, do you think you have taken that series as far as you can, or do you see yourself making more?

I haven’t shot the babysitter in years. I used to be partners in that company and was completely fucked over. I loved that series. And no – there is plenty more still to tell. Who hasn’t had a fantasy of fucking a babysitter so there are a million tales left to tell. I still do shoot those types of scenes in other lines and for other companies.


6. There have been rumblings for a little while you been working on films outside of porn. Anything you can tell us or is this just bad gossip?

I have just completed my first mainstream feature HEADSHOT which is currently in talks with several distributors. It stars Eric Roberts, Daniel O’Meara, Jackie Moore and a bunch more. It’s a psychological thriller about a child actor who descends into being a serial killer. Very upset with where his career has gone.

7. Do you think reality stars like Octo Mom and now Farrah Abraham, have hurt or helped porn? Also, how do porn women and directors also feel when they see that these women who have no business being in porn making millions right out of the gate and getting this entire circus of mainstream press for the offers?

Back in the Mark Carrier/Leisure time days he would find reality stars before they were called that to do porn films and paid them big bucks. Remember John Wayne Bobbit, the hooker who blew Hugh Grant, the Pro football player from the dolphins? Etc. Etc. It’s not new. Who cares – it’s what people want to see. I have no problem with it. It has nothing to do with porn actresses and actors appearing in fantasy movies. It does not hurt or help is my feeling.

8. I have heard about the fuss about your porn version of 50 shades of grey? Do you think they are being a little too harsh? Also, is there anything you can tell us about the production? Is it still happening, a new title maybe?

Universal sued myself and Smash over the 50 shades. It has all been settled and I signed off on an agreement I am not allowed to give the details. I really can’t get into all of the details of the settlement but let’s just say Smash won’t have any 50 shades related movies or toys.

9. You have been making quite a few porn parodies, have you watched the originals? Does a Jim Powers watch Bridesmaids, or Halloween? And when you make these parodies you ever heard from anyone involved in the films? If so, is it good or bad?

If you are making a parody you have to watch the original. How else could you make the parody. I stay very faithful to it. In the case of Halloween it had all the sex scene set ups right there. That is the easiest movie ever to make a porn parody of. I saw it when it came out and as a kid I loved PJ Soles (Rock and Roll high school forever) so I wanted to see her get fucked. I tried to keep it very similar to the original because as a lover of films if I’m buying a porno version I want to know that the producers loved that movie too and tried to keep it similar with the same feel. I hated the early nineties porn bullshit where a company would just slap a cover and title on a movie making you believe it was a parody of some popular film and it wasn’t (ie Midnite video)
I have heard from a few directors of the real movies. When I did Black Snake Bone I was contacted by the director of the source move BLACK SNAKE MOAN, Hustle and Flow. He loved the fact somebody parodied his movie, meant he made it. Also the Bridesmaids director was happy.

10. Have you ever shot a film and had a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend come on set and start a fight? If you say yes, I believe the readers would love names…

I have shot movies where I have had the boyfriend show up with the girl who had shot for my production manager and they were mad he did not pay her on a bj so they beat him up some and we had to stop him from stabbing him. That was Johnny Thrust. He used to get in trouble all the time. I had another instance where the male talent was not supposed to be doing a scene and his pregnant wife showed up and smashed a milk bottle in his face. Or I was shooting a scene with a guy and all of a sudden a bottle goes flying by his head (and mine) I turn to see his girlfriend screaming what a piece of shit he is and goes running out.
I have had the police show up because a girl claimed she had to be involved in a robbery or her boyfriend would show her mother the porn she did so I had to give a copy of the movie to the cops to prove she really had done porn.
This could go on and on. Tons of these types of stories.


11. You are at a dvd signing for your latest film, and you know you got a big turnout. ( Jim, these never go well, I will warn you) Well a fan wants an autograph; he pulls a burn copy of your film. What do you do?

Well if he took the trouble of burning the film than I am assuming he downloaded it so why not sign it. Of course I am against piracty, it has ruined porno and I would totally say something. Probably give him a speech and put a little note with the autograph about it.

12. Same dvd signing, a guy comes up to you and says “I am not gay or anything, but I have masturbated a lot to your films”. What do you say to him? Do you ask him what site he writes for?

I’ve always been told I shot the ultimate gay movies anyway with the BUKAKKE series so whatever. It’s funny, doing porno people feel free to ask me anything cause I guess they figure I am not judgemental or I would understand. Which is true, I am not at all judgemental but I also am not a therapist. Personally I like my movies more than most so I’m glad when people tell me stuff like that.

13. Some people may know this, some of the porn people seem to be couples as in married, or dating. So, you cast one it is a given you have to get the rest of the package. Is working with a couple easier than working with solo stars?

Working with couples is the worst. For both the guy and girl. Usually the only reason you are shooting them as a couple is because she is hot and he is jealous or using her as his ticket into porno. They fight with each other, and there is not as much passion in the scene. Or it is a very contrived and planned out scene like they have done it many times before. SHOOTING COUPLES SUCKS.

14. It seems when people leave the industry some of them are very bitter or act like they are bigger than the industry. Case in point, Rob Black and his new site that seems to spew a lot of trash. Also, Jasmine St. Claire who will run her mouth to anyone who will give her press. If you left the business today, would you be bitter and feel you have to keep your name alive and well? Also, why is it these people are so bitter, well we know with Rob why he is bitter?

Nobody leaves porn because they want to. You leave when nobody wants you anymore. That is why male talent never leaves. If they can get it up they are addicted. The ones that can’t get it up anymore turn very angry -nowadays you can blog and rant about the industry. Every blogger on Lukeisback is a failed porn actor or wannabe porn actor who couldn’t do it. Girls do their run, get shot out and the work dries up or some guy pulls them out – then they try to run back with every break up. This business is made up of fragile egos, we all say we want out all the time but you get trapped. It’s like being in 13th grade forever. I never wanted to leave High school. The problem with porn is their is no security but does the real world have security? I don’t know. I’m sure I will be bitter too but I don’t know if I am going to blog about it or rant about how porn needs condoms to protect people etc. Look at the people that go into this. They are risk taking young morons. I am the poster child for stupidity at times.

15. What was the last mainstream film you watched in a movie theater?

The last mainstream movie I watched in the theater was Iron Man II. I love marvel heroes.

16. When you are living your life outside of a porn set or a film set in general, do you get recognized? If so, how do you handle it? Do you get women who come up to you, and say I can be your next babysitter?

I get recognized here and there but for the most part no. It’s not like I’ve been the type that tries to throw my face out there or gets a publicist. I don’t need to be in front of the camera . Mostly people hear I do porn and come up and talk to me.


17. Do you think the internet downloading and porn sites have killed porn? How would you personally stop them?

The internet exploded porn and destroyed it. With free porn the life of the girls has dropped to nothing. The income you can make from a movie has literally dried up. there is no reason to make large productions etc. You have a couple of companies that have taken over the internet so for the most part unless you shoot for them you are fucked.
Porn needs to find a way to monetize the content again. The simplest thing would be for the US government to start busting any site that a teen can get into without proof of age via an id and credit card – it can be free but you have to prove you are of age. That would wipe out 90 percent of the free sites – if you have to give info you are less apt to beat off on redtube quickly.
I think we are all going towards a niche channel internet system like dish network anyway so the potential is there to control content to monetize it but the free sites that kids can just hop on has to be stopped.

18. Looking back on your career which is Hall of Fame all the way in my book. What is your biggest high? And also what is the one thing you regret the most?

My happiest times in porn have probably been when I am in the most chaotic situations. I love being out in the middle of nowhere drinking beer and shooting a porn film. I have never had really one great moment I think that stands out. If we were at a bar drinking I would probably come up with a bunch especially when people are around me reminding me of this and that. I still get really bummed when I’m served with a lawsuit or cops show up for a permit issue. I guess I’ve never had some pinnacle moment like other directors have had or something. I’ve never made a movie I’m really happy with nor have I ever really hated shooting anything.

19. Porn continues to come up with cutting edge ideas to keep the industry alive. I mean if people agree or disagree, Jim you are the Hitchcock of Porn in the last twenty years. Where do you think the industry is heading in the upcoming years?

Where I think the industry is heading is really bad in the short term but in the long term I can see it developing into niche or tons of separate channels on line that will be a vod/membership type of thing as television and the internet continue to merge. It has to find a way to monetize itself otherwise we are doomed into having nothing but one on one masturbation sites with girls.

( This is where part one of our interview will end…Jim Powers is involved in a few film projects that if you know the man, you know he is up 28 hours a day- 10 days a week. Part Two-January 2014…I hope you guys enjoyed it and check out Jim’s work at mrfilth.com. )