Wicked Channel Interview-Copiii: The 1st Entry actress Cindy Hogan


A year or so ago we talked about this short film that blew me away called Velvet Road and its director L. Gustavo Cooper who I feel is on the verge of major things. From the awesome short to the trailer for this film he calls Copii: The First Entry he has me so stoked. Well, we are going to be doing some interviews getting you guys ready for this film that all of you should be really marking your date book for. Well, I got a chance to harass Cindy Hogan, which many of you guys may know from some television shows and roles in a few films. I learned firsthand that Cindy is just awesome sauce, she was down to talk and share. Enjoy this interview and seek her out, while I find out what a restraining order means as she is having one sent to me. All jokes aside, this was nothing short of fun.

1.Where to begin Cindy Hogan, I guess what the first film you watched was, that made you want to become an actress?

Actually it wasn’t a film that inspired me. It was 3rd grade, Mrs. Thomas class who gave me the assignment of memorizing a record (remember those?) and I fell in love with the process of creating this character and sharing her in a little staged play. I watched a lot of Hitchcock and really was inspired with Citizen Kane.

2.What is easier for you, movies or television?

In terms of “easier” time wise a film because the shooting schedule doesn’t have the same urgency as TV, although some film shoots can be rather aggressive. But TV is a new script each week and so I feel it is more structured to fit it all in into a timely manner and I like that.

3.Do you get nervous going to a shoot for the first time?

LOL No not really. We are all there to do our job and I find it exciting to meet new people, hear their stories and all work towards common goal.

4.You knew this was coming, when working on the set of a show like Army Wives, are the veteran actors and actresses accessible to talk to, or are you told on set that they are to be left alone?

“Veteran actors” are people as well and they too are there to do a job. No one should have to tell you to leave them alone as we are all there to work and not necessarily chit chat. That’s what lunch is for  it’s about respect and the process in which they work. Some LIKE to get to know their recurring’s or guest stars etc. and some, like me, keep to themselves. That’s just how I work. I tend to need to stay focused until I am done. I think it’s the ADD in me 

5.If a young girl came up to you and says, : I want to do what you do when I grow up”. What advice would you give her?

Study, study, study. I have a saying in my coaching business “learn your craft and learn it well”. It really doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish in life you must strive to perfect it. This “acting” thing is ever changing because we are. So the studying of the craft never ends and that to me is exciting.

6.You know Selma Blair got canned off Anger Management, has Charlie Sheen’s people tried to reach you yet? Also, would you rat him out to the network like Selma did or would you let him do whatever as long as you got the check?

No they haven’t called  Rat him out? Well from my point of view, people’s behavior, good and bad, catches up. I don’t think because you are a celebrity that you should have special rights to erode your integrity or treat people poorly. Money doesn’t replace integrity.

7.You had a bit role in Beautiful Creatures. How was the shoot to be a part of? Also, and those people do not read this site, are you shocked that the film was not better received?

I worked on the film for 3 weeks and had a great scene with Jeremy Irons which got cut, along with 4 other scenes. The original script was not what the audience ended up seeing and I think that it was a little difficult to follow and the characters not as rich in the final edit. Because I KNOW from watching the day to day filming that the characters were VERY rich! Some of the original cast members were cut out completely. It happens, because of many reasons, but in the end you’re hoping to make it marketable. The books are amazing!

8.Let’s talk about what you got going on right now, anything you want to share with us about Second Generation Wayans? Do the older Wayans oversee this?

I loved working on that show. After the first day of shooting I had new pages sent to me. They enjoyed what George and I were doing and expanded some scenes. Again, unfortunately that got cut as well. TV has a certain time code to stay in and they do what they have to do. It isn’t a reflection of my work or anyone else’s; they wouldn’t have gotten the job if that were the case. This really is the “kids” baby and they are all grown men with great ideas of their own. But I do think, like all good parents, they are giving their 2 cents 


9.Let’s talk about L. Gustavo and his first feature Copiii: The 1st Entry, is it easy working with a first time director? Is he open for advice from a veteran like you?

LOL Well this isn’t Gustavo’s first time Directing. It may have been his first feature but he cut his teeth on music videos, shorts, commercial’s etc. He has MANY creative ideas and he seemed right at home on his set. Yes, he was very open to input from all his actors and crew but more from a communication level of, let’s all be on the same page in order to make magic happen. I think that is a sign of a GREAT Director. Open, direct but still is a stand for his vision.

( personal note, I know no other podcaster or blogger would keep this in a interview, it would be edited out to look smarter to their people, but you know what I am human I screwed up, sorry)

10. What can you tell us about this film?

Nothing, I want you all to go see it and not ruin the surprise! It has many twist and turns, wonderful performances, great cinematography (thanks to Dean our DP and Gus) and is based in real events that make it even scarier. Listen there is one scene I was scared, and should have been, and had nightmares about it long after we wrapped.

11. Are you a fan of horror, if so you have to name some titles?

I think I lean more towards suspense. I loved Hitchcock growing up and Carrie. Any Stephen King story really.

12. Now we got thru all that, I am going to geek out and bow to you. Mrs. Lee from Veronica Mars, oh my god did you rule. Any Veronica Mars stories to share? Was Kristen Bell cool to work with, or was she a stuck up fake person?

Kristen was and is a lovely person. None of my scenes were ever with her so my experience with her was casual and she was always sweet and professional. That set was probably one of the hardest working groups of people and I attribute that to John Kretchmer. He is the Executive Producer of Army Wives as well and he so sets the tone for his sets.


13. When you are in the real world, do you get recognized? And if so, how do you handle it?

It has happened on an occasion and I am grateful for the acknowledgment but really it makes me uncomfortable.

14. I will admit right now, I am also a huge fan of Diff’rent Strokes. I mean any male kid in the 80’s, had to have that Kimberley Drummond/Dana Plato crush. What was it like working on a special about that tv show and this curse it seemed to have. I think Willis starred as some kind of drug dealer on that?

I loved the show as well so to work on a story about their down falls was sad to me. How all these wonderfully talented young people took such turns in tier lives? It was a reminder of the traps of this business.

15. If acting did not pan out for you, what was the backup plan?

Well thank god it did because I never had a backup plan  IF I could have done something else I would have liked to go into the Army. I’ve always been fascinated with it. So I married a retired officer of the US Army and became a Major/Doctor on Army Wives so I feel like I got a little of that world 

16. How was it working with Chuck Norris? Do you ever get nervous when you are working with someone like a Chuck Norris or do you freak out and get an autograph?

Chuck was a wonderful man. He was very approachable and friendly. I wasn’t nervous as an actor I was in owe of his martial arts ability for sure. I’ve never gotten anyone’s autograph, never crosses my mind at the time.

17. Do you think the industry is fair to females? If you ran Hollywood what would you do different?

Fair???Hummmmmm. It is still a man’s world to certain extent. However thanks to many strong, talented visionaries in the industry they are paving the way for future generations of Women in this business. Change always take’s time  I don’t think I’d want the responsibility of running Hollywood, but I’d sure like to see more support for the independent film maker.

18. Do you think the MPAA is a fair system or do you think they are out of touch?

That’s a loaded question. The system, when placed, was a different time, mind set. Does it work now? You have to realize I am older and have/had children (they are adults now) and I still don’t think children need to be exposed to violence or highly intense their maturity levels cannot process it. But isn’t that the responsibility of the parent? Yes it is but, the media has made it so accessible it makes parenting a challenge.

19. This was not so bad was it? This is your chance to promote, plug and tell people all about what is on the horizon, this is such an honor. Thank you.

Thank you James, it’s been fun. I am currently in New York. What’s on the horizon??? Working on a TV show concept, I can’t discuss….working on a new sit com, I can’t discuss…..So how about I just PLUG and PROMOTE Copii:The First Entry as something I feel excited about and grateful to have been a part of !