TV Review-Superjail! Season 3


Parents need to know that this hyper-violent cartoon definitely isn’t meant for kids. This is very adult stuff and while most of it is not laugh out loud funny, it is not boring and does give the viewer a lot to think about. As far as a plot, you can throw that away, this stuff is meant for a crowd that likes Aqua Teen Force or Metalocalypse. Blood and gore flow freely as the characters engage in extremely brutal combat; scenes include dismemberment, impalement, and so much more sick shit. This stuff goes over the top many times and may turn off some viewers but I found it to be vastly insane and kept with it. The jail setting also has plenty of sexually charged images (often involving stereotypically gay characters), including nudity, violent sex, group sex, and one female character with such obviously male traits that she’s either a transsexual or in drag — her ambiguous sexuality makes some other characters lust after her. This show is just over the top absurdity in its most blatant form. From start to finish, this show is something for a very unique taste and some people will really dig it and others may be scared of it, and with good reason. This is one of those shows that I feel will become cult someday and people will remember it as they do Beavis and Butthead from the 90’s.

8 out of 10