Television Show Review-The Twilight Zone: The Complete Third Season


Coming to home video July 9th

Season 3 Episodes
Two, The Arrival, The Shelter, The Passerby, A Game of Pool, The Mirror, The Grave, It’s a Good Life, Death’s Head Revisited, The Midnight Sun, Still Valley, The Jungle, Once Upon a Time, Five Characters in Search of an Exit, A Quality of Mercy, Nothing in the Dark, One More Pallbearer, Dead Man’s Shoes, The Hunt, Showdown with Rance McGrew, Kick the Can, A Piano in the House, The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank, To Serve Man, The Fugitive, Little Girl Lost, Person or Persons Unknown, The Little People, Four O’Clock, Hocus-Pocus and Frisby, The Trade-ins, The Gift, The Dummy, Young Man’s Fancy, I Sing the Body Electric, Cavender Is Coming, The Changing of the Guard.

Review-I love The Twilight Zone, to me in the history of television shows this and the original Night Stalker, are my top two fave shows of all time. What is not to love about a show like Twilight Zone, it caters to all us sci-fi, horror and suspense fans, and it also has inspired so many directors and films throughout the years. This series was scary without being bloody or graphic, it was suspenseful just by making you think of what can happen and it was always tension filled that you felt like you were that rubber band that was being pulled around the television set to get tighter and tighter. I mean, when they first hit blu rays, let’s be honest not everyone can afford those price tags, but now that they are coming out with just as good quality on dvd at a very affordable rate, you know they heard you fans and wanted to cater to you and your budgets. To be honest, there was not one weak episode yet again, and to say that this whole set is recommended is such an understatement. This series gave way to many film directors giving us many twist endings, this series was such a sign of the times mixing old school silent film mentality on an episode or two, then doing something completely different and out of left field next. The real beauty of watching a show like this is that it caters to any viewer and has something for almost any person to become a fan with. One of my fave things about this is that it has the Kick the Can episode, that you know had to inspire films like Cocoon. Where the old people find themselves in their youth again and having fun, how can any person sit there and watch this episode and not feel choked up. I felt with Twilight Zone, they did not feel like they were losing quality as the seasons went on, they seemed to be just keeping the steady pace of amazing programming. Let me get my salesman suit on and say this is nothing short of amazing. If you have a choice of going to a movie at the theater or buying this, I would say the decision is not even close. This is hours upon hours of just pure and plain goodness that will cater to you, and anyone else in your family. To think that this is over 50 years old and does not feel dated is just astonishing. This is just a must own at any cost, and could make an awesome early stocking stuffer. You do not even have to look down, if it is old school Twilight Zone it is always going to be a 10 out of 10.

10 out of 10