Music Review-True Widow-Circumambulation


Dan Philips – Vocals, guitar
Nicole Estill – Bass, Vocals
Timothy Starks – Drums

Review-I have to make a confession, this cd has sat on my laptop for 3 weeks now. I was stoked to listen to it; because I was a fan of what this band has done in the past till I read some early reviews. One of the reviews I read said this record was a somewhat departure and another one said that this band created something called “Stonegaze”, that was hard to call this or that. So a part of me was curious and I decided that I wanted to listen to it for myself to see if they were right or wrong, and I will be honest, this cd while it added a few different elements was not that big a departure, so fans of True Widow who are open minded may really not mind, care or notice. To compare True Widow to bands like The Breeders, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Belle and Sebastian and even Fahri is very fair. This band has created a dream pop atmospheric record that put down the riffs of past days for a more radio friendly sound that I really loved. The true star of this show is Nicole Estill who is bound to show people her vocal delivery is not bound to one genre of music. If you into alternative fuzzy guitars, very groove oriented distortion, and a more hazy laid back sound you may like this cd. The band changes singers, we get some songs that Nicole does a more slow style and then Dan does a more grunge inspired delivery. Nicole has this haunting sexiness to her voice that really sounds tailor made for radio. Bands like True Widow really deserve a fair shot and chance, because this has something for every kind of music fan, there is also a subtle hint of metal in some of the songs. All in all, here is hoping that people discover this band and record.

9 out of 10