Music Review-Ruby-Revert to Type


1. Fireweed
2. Last Life
3. Lush
4. Fireweed (Scotty Mix)
5. Last Life (Engine7 Pastoral Mix)
6. Lush (Pumajaw Pureguilt Mix)

Coming out July 23rd on Fireweed Recordings

Review-After a long 12 year Hiatus, Ruby has returned and she gave us a little ep to show us she has so much more to offer to music. One thing is for sure, Ruby fans are going to be mad that they only get 3 new songs and 3 remixes but when they hear these songs they are going to really get behind this record. It just feels that Lesley never left the industry and that she is not following the leader, she is leading the followers. Last Life, lyric wise is classic Lesley but the sound is a little something different, that people have not heard from her since she did the remix of Tiny Meat on the Animal Defense cd, she seems to put the trip hop to the side and went with a heavier sound that I will be honest, caught me by surprise and was a welcome one. This cd felt like a sampler into the many layers of where Lesley’s heart and soul seems to be at. While the diehard fans of Ruby who heard Waiting for Light earlier this year, will love Lush and Fireweed because they are the classic Ruby trip-hop catchy chorus and sound for the modern day.


I have always been a fan of Ruby and what she creates with the remix cds she has put out, and these three remix songs are no different. Though, I would have loved to see a remix for Waiting for Light. The true strength of this cd is just the beauty of what Lesley brings to music, that being her vocal delivery. This record though I just wish was longer, this is such a tease to people who have been waiting so long. But, that is such a small gripe to a woman who I feel is clearly one of the best female singers of any generation. From her work with Silverfish, Pigface, Therapy? and solo, Lesley Rankine to me should be way more famous than she is. So, my advice before you buy this ep., if you do not know anything about Rankine, go get Fat Axl and Cockeye from Silverfish and work your way to this, because you will see what I do. Lesley Rankine is back, and god has music needed her.

10 out of 10