Music Review-Queensryche- Frequency Unknown


Review- In less than 12 months, I have sort of heard 3 Queensryche new releases. I heard the Geoff Tate solo record, and now the battling bands with their new efforts. If you fans loved that last solo record from Tate, you will be in heaven with this cd. Now, for all you fans of Queensryche like me that thought this band should have quit recording around 2003, will have more fuel for that fire. This band and this cd is doomed before you even get the cd in your player, because Geoff has really let his mouth run a lot. Geoff bragged how fast this record took to get written and recorded, that you just know that the reason he rushed was to beat his former band-mates and try to get the fans to bite first. That is one thing you can get from listening to this record is that it was a rushed effort, and that it felt halfhearted throughout. As a diehard fan of the old school band I think it was cheap of Geoff to re-release some of the classics and do these crappy lazy new versions. Bands in the past do these latest and greatest cds and not one of them really did anything special but damn their past recordings and now Geoff joins that crowd with this desperate attempt to get fans to buy into this band by doing these songs. Where is that metal, heavy and progressive cd that we been promised? In its place is this underwritten, soft and neutered band that sounds like they are trying to sound like a cohesive band and it comes across as almost a dead effort. There is little to no energy in the music and even less heart. The guitars sound so uninspired and flat, the drums sound lazy and the bass is almost invisible, but no need to worry Geoff’s ego and vocals are all over this cd, and half of the time he sounds like he is falling asleep. The new version of Empire is the worst song I ever listened to all the way in my life. I will be honest, the other 3 new versions of the classics are just as bad, but Geoff sounds on Empire like he has a sinus infection and trying to remember the lyrics. I would never pay a dime to see this band live do this shit. I will give the other Ryche some credit at least they did not try to rip the listeners off, and tried to reinvent the sound and direction. With Tate, he is so dead-set to show them and us, this and that, that he forgets it is about putting out quality music. This cd is just horrible and almost unlistenable. There is not one positive thing to say about this cd.

0 out of 10