Music Review-Megadeth-Super Collider


Review-Megadeth’s latest cd is such a sad cd for me. This is not the same band or Dave that did Peace Sells, or Killing is my Business. This is the band that did Youthnasia, Risk and everything after that I failed to give a damn about.. When Dave Mustaine told us all he is going back to his roots for this new record, I feel his roots started when Megadeth made the top 10 in Billboard. The title track is catchy enough, but it is so soft and pop ready that you know Dave is hoping that mainstream radio picks up on it. God, the lyrics on this cd are horrible, what has Dave done just come up with words that sound good together. Built for War was a song that when it started, I felt it was going to kill, and then the lyrics hit and the vocals, oh wow, has Dave really given up. Though, the musicianship on the song is not so bad, till the break in the middle which sounds like Dave is trying to make a watered down attempt at being Amon Amarth. The worst thing about Super Collider is this is where Dave Mustaine seems to want to keep the band and their sound. I heard Dave in interviews talking about how sour he is about the music industry and that people do not buy cds anymore, but I feel cds like this is why. Super Collider title tracks sounds like Dave is trying to make a jingle song to use in some commercial or play at sporting events, what happened to you Dave? And these lyrics are written like Dave did not give a shit, is Alex Jones to blame since Dave follows that man like he is a messiah. Dave also struggles on this cd as the vocals show, he sounds like his voice is in the end of his career, which worries me about seeing him live if he sounds this bad on cd. Chris Broderick seems to be a hired hand more than a band member and his guitar work on here seems to play safe and to make Dave’s voice stand out. There is some light though in this dark tunnel, I did like some of the riffs and some of the songs are catchy enough, even though the vocals do come up short but they still keep your attention. There is not enough positive to recommend you to listen to one side of this cd, much less the whole record. If you are a fan of stuff like Cryptic Writings or Risk, this cd is aimed at you. If you are a fan of old school Megadeth, stick with it they are never going to recapture that time again or magic. I am just shocked there is no Dave Mustaine solo record yet, god I somehow wish Lee Ving would return his phone calls and get another MD. 45 record together, it may awaken the man.

4 out of 10