Music Review-Ides Of Gemini – Constantinople


Kelly Johnston Drums, Background Vocals
Jason Bennett Guitar, Background Vocals
Sera Timms Bass, Vocals

1 The Vessel & the Stake (4:18)
2 Starless Midnight (3:49)
3 Slain In Spirit (4:21)
4 Resurrectionists (4:44)
5 One To Oneness (4:04)
6 Reaping Golden (5:01)
7 Austrian Windows (5:46)
8 Martyrium (4:36)
9 Old Believer (5:32)

Review-Dead Can Dance is playing a joke on their fans, Lisa Gerrard is back and they have created their best cd in many years, and they are disguised as this new trio on this debut record. All jokes aside, Ides of Gemini holy fuck; this is quite the awesome cd. Sera has this vocal delivery that sounds like it wants to just bust right out of the speakers, it is so dark yet so powerful. This band has a sound that borders on many different genres, from metal, alternative, to grunge and dark goth. Metal fans are going to really get into Reaping Golden which oddly enough starts off with this groove that sounds like White Stripes Seven Nation Army and in seconds goes into a totally different direction. That is the one thing that I want to say upfront, this cd is not what you are going to expect. If a song starts one way, chances are that by the end it will have delved into 20 different directions. As much as it sounds like Dead Can Dance at times, it also sounds vaguely familiar to Rainer Maria with metal riffs. The vocal range on this cd is just amazing; she also has this heartbreak in her vocals that is going to get the listener to feel her emotion. Timms is the star of this show, while the rest of the band makes it easy at times for her to shine, make no mistake the woman has some serious vocal talent. This band also does something else in some songs that I found unique, they seem to have their instruments as one at times, where the stops and starts during some songs just come across as amazing. This band has an energy and passion that I feel is going to get them far, and this cd is a must listen. There are hints of many genres, but I feel at times the band seem to be struggling with identity, the guitarist at times seems to want to bring his instrument into the forefront, which I feel sort of cheapens the sound like Old Believer. You have a great and capable singer, why do you want to drown her out? I feel that maybe this band would want to incorporate more into its sound but I feel it has enough to its layers, but I found myself at times wishing it had a keyboard or maybe a piano to add a different flavor. All these little gripes aside, the cd is a must own just for the vocal delivery by Sera that is going to win you over.

9 out of 10