Music Review-Godyva-Alien Heart


01. Apocalypse Fire
02. No Return
03. Alien Heart
04. My Earliest Memories
05. I Feel You (Ti Sento)
06. In Your Eyes
07. Everything Is Over
08. I Stay Here
09. Brainstorm
10. This Light
11. Apocalypse Fire II

Lady Godyva – Vocals
Botys Beezart – Keyboards
G.G. Gohm – Guitars
Nick Barah – Bass
Enyo – Drums

Review-The 3rd release from Godyva is their best record to date, and that is from just being who they are not just trying to play someone else’s sound. While this band on the surface is just a female fronted symphonic goth metal band, it is when you actually forget what you see and listen to the cd that you discover a band that has so much passion and such a catchy sound and energy. 13 years into their career, you can tell this band is far from being done and do not really shoot for commercial appeal, but just want to make music that is in their hearts. While this cd does not break any new ground in this genre, this cd showcases a band that has perfected their sound. That is the one thing that made me fall so in love with not only the songs, but the vocals were that they did not feel watered down or shooting to be the next this or that. For all nonbelievers, look no further than the remake of the 80’s pop hit Ti Sento aka I feel you, Lady Godyva has this emotion in that track that just grabs you and sucks you in, it is like sexiness wrapped in darkness. This cd also has the staples of this genre, like the power metal riffs, the goth atmosphere, symphonic touches and the emotional captivating vocals that really shoot for the stars each time out. Godyva on this release still have a sound that comes across as modern, but they seem to keep faithful to the genre and bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation and etc. So, if you are fans of those bands and you can throw in Lacuna Coil, you should already have this cd in your collection and agreeing with me. This is a well-produced record that showcases a band that should breakout of the pack and put their names on the map this time around.

8.5 out of 10