Music Review-Deadlock-The Arsonist


1. The Great Pretender
2. I’m Gone
3. Dead City Sleepers
4. The Arsonist
5. Darkness Divine
6. As We Come Undone
7. Hurt
8. The Final Storm
9. Small Town Boy (Bronski Beat Cover)
10. My Pain

Sabine Scherer
John Gahlert
Sebastian Reichl
Ferdinand Rewicki
Tobias Graf

Review-I first discovered Deadlock on Wolves, I loved their mix of harsh vocals, death metal riffs and that gothic angelic female vocal. As great as Wolves was, Manifesto the follow up was pretty bad, it was almost like a different band. I was not really looking forward to Bizarro World, and for good reason it was Deadlock who from the high of Wolves have taken so many backward steps. Then came the lineup changes and Joe leaving his vocals duties, I felt that this had to be a step in the right direction but the more I listen to the band’s last two releases, it feels that Joe was not the problem and case in point is this record. It just seems now this is the Sabine show and her vocals dominate the sound, which she has a great vocal delivery but she also softens the sound to almost a pop metal bubble gum feel. Gone is the metal and we are now in some alternative goth Lacuna Coil paint by the number band. I’m Gone their first video and hit off the record is proof that this band has evolved, and it is not for the good. This is one of the few songs that the guitars are in riff heavy mode and the band is fired up, you can hear what John offers the band which is a neutered puppy. It just seems that this band wants to let Sabine lead them to the promised land. The problem with this record is not the album is bad, I mean for pop rock on a Amy Lee level the band does deliver a record that could be considered a breakout if pop radio discovered them. This is a band that has always been about experimenting sounds and mixing anger with beauty to create this soothing death metal, today it is all but gone with a band that is dead-set on being the next Lacuna Coil at any cost. I feel the changes the band has made has been more to make Sabine the star of the band, and everyone else to play into her strengths and not their own. The music comes across as disjointed, watered down and just lifeless. As a whole there will be a lot of 14 year old girls at the Gap who will love to hear this band speak their language, and a lot of metal fans will have something else to complain about. How the mighty have not only fallen, but died. This band at one time graced every magazine worldwide top ten of the year with Wolves, and today they are on the flip lists. Another letdown from a once mighty force on the music scene.

2 out of 10