Music Review-Author & Punisher – Women & Children


Tristan Shone (Drone Machines, Dub Machines, Bass Guitar, Vocals)

Review- Author & Punisher is basically a one man show, and this man Tristan Shone has this blend of drone and death industrial metal that is definitely unique and different. If you are familiar with this band, you know what to expect. If you are not familiar with this band, I will be honest this is a record that is not your typical musical journey. To sit here and know that one man did all this is simply jaw dropping and amazing, this has so many sounds, noises and just different variations of instruments that you find yourself trying to figure out how he created what he did. Now that he is going to be opening up for Phillip Anselmo, I am really hoping that people give this cd a fair chance and give it a shot. I feel with this latest record they have really made their most creative record yet. This is 7 songs that go for around 50 minutes that is so original and unique that I was hoping for another 50. This cd comes across as a soundtrack to the apocalypse. This sounds like a modern day Godflesh, in terms of what this record delivers in terms of just pulverizing sounds and atmosphere with the noises and insanity that is all over this record. This record brings you into a cold and cruel world that you cannot escape from, it sounds like a world where the artist submits to machine. Music since its early roots has always been about moving us, making us forget about life, and just singing along and buying into it. Some way or another, it changed and now music is about the journey it takes us on and how he feel once that journey is over. Think of this record as a true Pretty Hate Machine, god this cd is just intense and very incredible. From the Industrial beats to this doom metal vibe with drone thrown in. Talk about something different, I am dying to see Tristan live, and how the stage will look and to see if this can win over a live crowd. Songs like Tame as a Lion and Fearce sound like he is up for the challenge. I feel this is another one of those records like Streetcleaner that is so far ahead of its time that fans will not know how to embrace it, but in the years to come will get more people to listen and then become a classic down the road. This is one of those cds that does not submit to the rules that other bands in this genre do, and it is so different and feels like a once in a lifetime experience that I would say you need to give this record a listen. It is a tough sell and a tougher listen, but if you stick with it, it will grow on you and you by the end of the record will find yourself wanting to go back and listen again. This record is going to get critics and fans talking, what a journey.

8.5 out of 10