Music Review-Ancient Wisdom-A Godlike Inferno


Review-Ancient Wisdom’s A Godlike Inferno is a cd that dares its listener to not only listen, but to put a lot of thought into the message of each song. This record has such a deep undercurrent of life and discovery. This cd deals with the subject of death, rebirth and the afterlife. This cd is the dark side of beauty, the cruel darkness of our own existence. This whole cd plays on an acoustic wave of false hope and subconscious messages that paint dire pictures that the listener will close their eyes and find themselves in a further reality than Pink Floyd in their Syd heyday could put them in. This is a record that I would recommend you to use a lot of drugs during. It is a gentle almost metal equivalent of elevator music on a trip right to the hell. This is a different wave of doom and gloom, the kind that comes wrapped in this soft and gentle voice that you listen to, but you know the message is going to haunt you long after you stop playing this. This is the record that Dax Riggs has been trying to put out since the breakup of Acid Bath. This cd is odd, strange and creates such an unusual backdrop that you lose yourself in this harmonic atmosphere that is just the most thought provoking lyrics I have heard in music in quite a while. This cd is definitely an acquired taste, especially one that is into acoustic rock and patient enough to let the lyrics consume them and enjoy the trip to the up-tempo guitar strumming. There are some catchy songs, but this cd is not a feel good cd, there is no positive message to any of the songs and you will not be a better a person once you listen to it. The subject matter can be taken out of context and may encourage suicide, homicide and madness that a parent group would have a field day with these songs. I really loved this cd, and I felt myself being attracted to this like magnet to steel. This cd speaks to a certain kind of person, trust me if this cd speaks to you, you may want to listen.

8 out of 10