Movie Review-Under the Bed


Coming to your bedroom this Tuesday

Review-Steven C. Miller last year had quite a year. Silent Night and Aggression Scale were hits with all horror fans, and both films graced quite a few top films of the year lists. Under the Bed is a different film, it almost plays out like The Hole. I feel the first issue with this film is its rating, how is this film rated R? I mean it has a few moments, but nothing that would not be a harsh PG-13. I feel that is going to kill the core audience who could be who this film is aimed for. The other problem while the film does feel very much like a throwback to maybe 70’s or 80’s films, it has such a slow pace that it takes a lot of patience and asks a lot of the viewer to invest more in these characters and their background stories than actual scares at first. The plot revolves Neal who comes across as a teenager with a lot of issues and has to spend two-years away from his family with his aunt. The issues seem to come from a fire that happened that killed his mom. What the film basically gives us for at least the first thirty minutes or so, is rebellion kid who calls his step-mom by her real name and defends his little brother from something he thinks lives under his bed. The film does deliver a great third act, and a decent second act but I just feel that the first half hour is just way too story based and is so much of a slow build that it may turn horror fans off. I just feel that this film has come out a little too soon after The Hole that may split people on wanting to see it. It is obvious if The Hole was not an inspiration maybe The Gate was. The acting in this film is ok for what it was, as was the script. I mean with a film like this, you are not looking for Oscars you are looking for chills, thrills and scares and this film does pull off some decent ones but it takes so long to get there, and I am sorry for harping on that slow build, but as a horror fan I understand a build, but that much? The final ten minutes of this film is Miller’s little trademark to give the people who invested their time in his film, an ending that they will be satisfied with but yet leave them wanting more. The negatives and positives of this film sort of equal each out, but I just feel that this film should have been so much more but it also could have been so much worst. I am just puzzled as how this film can be perceived as an R rated film? I feel that is going to hurt the sales a little, because this film is basically aimed at kids and young adults in almost a Goosebumps sort of feel. But, what do I know I am just the critic that tells you guys and gals an opinion on a film.

6 out of 10