Movie Review-The Corrupted


Coming to Home Video on August 6th from Eagle One Media

Review-The Corrupted is one of those films that have so much heart, that you just hate to say anything negative about it. The film is basically a bunch of twenty something people that escape for a vacation of sorts in the middle of nowhere to visit a friend, as the hanging out keeps going on things get odd as they start to notice there is something not only wrong with their friend but others as well. This had the feel of Cabin Fever with a 50’s sci fi vibe. The film has so many problems, from the pacing, to the back-story to just being so vague in its delivery of the story that we are often confused by things that I feel the director thought we could possibly pick up without knowing much. The characters in this film bordered from annoying to badly acted, and the pacing of the film, it seemed to take forever till the fireworks of this film started to go off and when they did it felt more like a whimper than an actual explosion. The effects in this film were not bad at all, especially with the budget that they had, I did really like the effects. Let me put it this way, if you are a patient film watcher and you can get yourself involved with a story, no matter how well or how bad the story gets you can still stick with it, you may like this film. I mean, I did not hate the film because I really thought the last half hour of the film as Twilight Zone odd it got showed so much promise. The problem is the first hour was just so boring and slow, that we are bogged down by stories of this guy being in love with this girl, and this girl being in love with someone else. Now, the stories would not have been so bad if they were all told to us fully, where we knew the whole deal and back-story, but we are just thrust into it like we are supposed to know everyone’s business. This is one of those films that you know when someone involved gets that role of a lifetime or directs that major film; they will hide this on their resume. When the last half hour started to get going, while the effects were not at all anywhere near mind blowing, they were smartly used. This was not a bloodbath and had more of a feel of what you would expect from the early 50’s sci fi with a little bit of blood thrown in. It is easy to pick on this film and list all of the things they should have done better, but for the budget and time they had on this film I felt that the last half hour was really worth talking about, and that it obviously opens the door for a sequel somewhere down the road, I just hope they get a bigger budget and now that they have this film under their belt and will read reviews like this, that we see them really shine more next time out.

4 out of 10