Movie Review-The Collective V6-Unlimited Fear


Review-The Collective V6 brings together ten directors to give us shorts about one subject and this time the subject is Unlimited Fear. I will say right now when I think about Unlimited Fear, I think of snakes, sharks, the dark maybe, and a girl with an Adam’s apple and etc. Needless to say that the fears being played out on these ten shorts, are so different and odd that I think people are really going to have fun with it. While nowhere close to the brilliance of The Meat Eater, Part 2 or 4, this one is really strong and could really get some people talking. I will just say, the worst thing The Collective has kicked out was better than 80 percent of what I seen from people who had a lot more money and time. Name another series or film group that out of 6 dvds they put out their worst rating was a C plus? That in itself is impressive, and when you sit back and watch these ten shorts, some are really good, some were ok and some had good intentions and fell a little short. So, let’s talk about the ones that I am the most impressed about.
Edible Love, all I can say right now is holy shit. I had to watch this three times just to see if it could pack the same punch with repeated viewings and it did. Jarret Furst, does not deserve to have a film camera, that man needs a strait- jacket, he is fucking insane. What he created in 11 minutes is more than likely going to offend everyone, which means to me it is a hit. I am always on board for something that takes contemporary cinema and takes a shit on it. What the Fear is I guess was being eaten, but what I got out of it was something that blew me away. This 11 minutes is the resume for a serial killer.
Play Me is another short that really was so odd that I could not look away. It opened up in Black and White and what I can get out of it was about a woman who is being stalked by a guy. She gets a dvd in the mail with the words Play Me on it, and after that what we get is grainy color torture porn sickness. I think this short was more of a resume builder for Ellie Church who is not afraid to tease the male and quite possibly the female viewers, and when you watch her being tortured and what she goes thru, the sexiness is still pretty intense. This shows you what kind of critic I am, the two shorts that depict women as sex symbols who get abused, raped and tied up, and I am praising them both. I have issues. I mean, Ellie Church would never give me the time of day, so I am sort of happy to see her being tortured, that will show her. I am joking I think. Insomniac is another one that mixes familiar with difference, it is also in black and white and showcases a girl walking around the city while she has some kind of visions or flashbacks to the bad things she did. Of course, Jabb Pictures takes the Fear thing and tries to make it more of a story that may or may not be true about a film maker following a serial killer named Charles Lake. With Hoover, he is so story oriented in all he does, it is like the man should drop the camera and write a book. The beauty of what Jabb does with I Am No One is that he lets the character of Charles tell his story and the more you know, the less you wish you knew because the man like everything else we discussed so far in this including me is one issue filled sad soul that you feel had a higher purpose but fell on this out of necessity. The others were ok, like the one I started it off with Speechless which is about the fear of Public Speaking. To be honest, I have a deep fear of Public Speaking, when I do a podcast they will tell you, it takes me so long to get my nerves down. This short was ok for what it was and the visuals were outstanding, but the story was so odd that I am not so sure what the man was so scared about, and why it had to show us the whole short twice more in fast forward. Trepidation had something very promising about it but it just felt like a failed opportunity. And there are so many others that I felt the same way about, but I will talk about the one that I was mad about. I am a huge fan of Cam, well Cameron Scott but I just felt his short was a little short, which I know Cam is our biggest supporter on the site and it hurts me to dog on him. But, I see he had good intentions but it just fell a little short.
To me, this series now in its 6th edition is still where indie films are heading. The directors behind this series and heart behind it is so recommendable. I am really hoping that they keep it going, god I would love to see what other topics they can cover and I feel that these guys have to be on the fucking map by now. Kudos to all involved, keep the indie spirit alive.

8 out of 10

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