Movie Review-Tai Chi Hero


Review-The latest Tai Chi film from Well Go USA is actually resuming the story that Tai Chi Zero ended us with. Lu Chan is still trying to get the Chen style of martial arts going, but Chen Village refuses to teach this to outsiders so to speak. Yu Niang agrees to marry Lu Chen after he saved her life as well as her older brother Zai returning home. When Zai Yang returns home it is sort of a bad thing for some people like Master Chang Xing. This film is very story based, and I feel a lot of people may not have the patience with the pacing of this film. While I was a not a big fan of Tai Chi Zero, this film is a little better in my eyes just for the simple fact that the story was easier to follow, because make no mistake this film throws a ton at you and expects you to keep up with it story wise. The film also gives us a lot into the Bronze Bell Prophecy because we learn why it is so important for the Chen-style to stay in the village and not be taught to any outsiders. This film also has a steampunk feel to it, which along with the action in the film seem to play comfortably second fiddle to the story element of the film, which for me was a welcome relief. This film really focuses on the main story, and also just as much importance on the side stories like Zai Yang. But, this film make no mistake about it is basically Lu Chan and his desire of the Chen Style. Now that I have seen two thirds of this story play out, and knowing that we are getting a third from director Stephen Fung, I am dying to see how he finishes this out and what he can do to really make the other two stand out as much see films to understand this third one. Plus we went from Hero to Zero, what can the third one possibly be named, the Tai Chi In Between? This film offers so much uniqueness from its action to its visuals, offers solid storytelling and best of all it never for this viewer seems to get boring, and just keeps the film moving even though the pacing as I mentioned early on, may be a negative for some viewers expecting this to be like the first one. My only real negative about the film is that the fight with Lu Chan and Zai Yang seemed really short and just felt like an afterthought than how important it should have felt. Other than that if you liked the first one, check this one out. If you did not like the first one, you may still want to hold judgment till you watch this one. If you are not familiar with the Tai Chi stuff, you may want to watch both of them back to back you may warm up to them. All in all, this was a fun time and I really enjoyed this film.

8 out of 10