Movie Review-Stranded


Review-I remember at one time when Christian Slater was being hailed as the second coming of Jack Nicholson. I feel that talk has long since died and Christian’s name either means television or direct to dvd cheapies. Stranded I feel is one of those films that get released on one day and forgotten the next. One thing is for sure with this film, it borrows so heavily from so many other sci-fi films that it owes royalties. This film is a low quality B movie at best, and while it does try very hard just feels so lackluster after you get to the end of this journey. The film is about four crew members I guess who are on this base on the moon. A meteor strike knocks out all their communications. Soon enough, there is a lack of power, heat and also oxygen supplies but worse than that the meteors contain some kind of alien contamination that affects everyone. One of the four Ava gets her womb infected with the alien stuff and a creature is hatched. This film is ridiculous in almost a very cheese way that people may feel they need to see it. This came across from the set design and monster design as inspired by the 50’s, but not in a positive way. The sets are so badly cheap, that you can tell like that Styrofoam and models were used, and god they must have spent the whole budget on cardboard. The film does have some positives; it has some really cool gore scenes, while not a lot. This film also had good makeup effects and some of the scenes which the crew were in peril were not too bad, but they were nowhere worth recommending this film for. The film drags, and just seems to keep going into repetition, the film seems to not have an identity of its own, and uses so many other films to keep this film going. I know not all films need to be original to be great films, but I feel films need to be more than carbon copies of other films, unless it is a remake. This film you will know within 15 minutes if you are the person this film is geared towards. Slater gives it his best, and should not be faulted for this film. I feel Slater is a great actor when he has something to work with, but like Val Kilmer it just seems those roles are long gone and now they fight to just keep their names alive. At the end of the day, this film is bad and I feel people who love bad movies may not love this bad a movie. It does have some redeeming qualities but they are so few and rare that you cannot overlook just how bad this film really is. This film could have been so much more.

2 out of 10