Movie Review-Posession


Review-Andrzej Zulawski’s 1981 classic Possession make no mistake about it, this is a film that can be called a masterpiece. I will be honest; my first encounter with this film was the butchered American version that came out in the 80’s. Now I finally have the chance to watch this film in all its glory, and I will be very honest, I am speechless. I know so many people make such a big deal out of Linda Blair and her role in the Exorcist, but Isabelle Adjani deserves just as many props for what she does in this film. For people who watched Rodleen Getsic in The Bunny Game, and thought that role was daring and adventurous wait till you see what Adjani does in this film. This film does not let you in easily, it basically forces you in this world that seems to not know any sense of normality or sanity. Posession is one of those films that you think you know what is coming or where the film is heading, but you truly do not. The film centers around a couple Anna and Mark who basically are at the end of their marriage. We are never really sure if this was a happy marriage or had issues but it becomes clear to us that even Anna does not know why she is leaving him. The beauty of this film is where the film takes you next and that is Anna’s mental state, which as the film goes on so does her sanity. She begins sneaking off to some lover and she becomes very violent over being away from Mark. The film I will warn you has graphic violence, so if you get turned off by watching a woman get hit or self-mutilation, you may want to think first about it. The film goes from one realm to another, if you think the first half of the film is odd or weird, the second half is even more so. We find out that Anna’s secret lover is some weird kind of monster that is into blood and sex. Anna seems to help the monster with those. The film also has one of the most odd and demented scenes, when Mark witnesses his wife having sex with the beast. If you are a fan of films that are out there and I mean seriously out there, you may like this film. This film has a lot of emotion and heart, and according to the press release was loosely based on the director and his own life experience when his wife left him. Not sure if he caught her with a monster, but I think the monster could be seen as a grotesque or lesser person. This film was for me a really fun classic that I am glad I got to go back and witness again and most importantly in the original uncut version.

8.5 out of 10