Movie Review-New World


Review-I remember a time when Korea cinema was cutting edge and exciting, and it seem that the few that Americans heard about or got to witness were bragworthy and had Hollywood fast to try and remake them. Today, it just seems that Korean cinema is just like an assembly line when it comes to movies, it just produces and produces and each one is so much like the last one. New World is a film that if the Korean market was not so oversaturated with films just like this, it would be so much better but as it turns out it is just another Korean film with the same basics we are all used to. This is the gangsters against the police fare with nothing really more to talk about or share. The head of a popular crime syndicate is dead, and now they need some new blood to take the reins. Jeong Cheong and Ja-Seong are the two names that are in the running. As you can guess they are polar opposites, because if they were the same this film would not exist or fail to give us any tension. What brings a little intrigue into this film is that one of them is a very deep undercover officer. This film was not bad for what it was, and actually kept my attention with the very thrill a minute script, but it just seemed like after all was said and done, the ending was unsatisfying and made me feel that this is just another film that Korea throws at me to keep me thinking that as long as we keep making crappy and mediocre Paranormal films, Korea will continue to hit us with these. All in all, the film does try and I feel at 2 1/2 hours while very long, it will keep your attention for the most part and have you wishing for more in the end.

7 out of 10