Movie Review- Krampus: The Christmas Devil


Review-It is Christmas in July with the brother of Santa Claus who is a child kidnapper on those who been behaving badly. The film opens with a kid named Jeremy who is from Cambridge Springs and he is left for dead in the lake and gets away. Now the film fast forwards to present day and Jeremy is a police officer and lives that nightmare and now the nightmare is real again when there are kids missing again. Krampus for the most part is fun. The horror aspect of the film does look really cheap and indie, but the film really has a lot of heart and tries so hard that I feel people will have fun with the film for the most part. Plus, how can you hate a film that right out of the blue they have a scene with a woman strapped in a cave naked? That is part of the absurdity of this film, is that you do not know what to expect scene to scene, and that alone keeps you glued to the screen. The script and characters were really not too bad, and some of the situations of this film like when Jeremy and his partners go on the hunt for him to see Krampus run around is pretty campy fun. Bill Oberst Jr. makes an appearance in this film that adds to the camp feel of the film. I mean, it seems like Bill has been in almost every other film I review. (He owes me something for all this damn press) I mean it is no secret that I am some kind of friend to some of the people behind the scenes on this film, and that when you watch the credits you see my name. (Though misspelled) To be honest though, the film has its flaws but I just found the flaws part of the fun to a film like this. This is a low budget horror/thriller that is made by a director with not too many films under his belt, so you have to know with the trailer and that info what to expect. I feel the characters were well written and the film had a good flow, I just wish he would not have teased us with the kills if he could not fully deliver some good kills. I am not totally saying all the kills were bad, but the bulk of the kills in this film like the one that happens in the cave and the ones previous to it, are very lackluster. I really wish the film had used more comedy or dark humor, I feel with that it would have worked so much more. There are so many scenes in this film that cried out for some humor, or maybe an off comment. I am supposed to grade this 1 to 10, but I feel if I gave it a number it would hurt people who I think may like the film, so instead I will grade this recommended or not recommended, and for that rating I would say this film is barely recommended.