Movie Review-Kiss of the Damned


Review-Kiss of the Damned is another one of those films that fans will be split on. I feel some will love the throwback to 70’s horror and that European Cinema feel and others will feel like this is a like long slow boring burn of a film. I can honestly say when you use the words “romantic” and “vampire”, I am worried. I feel while Dracula and vampires has had lust elements to it, or a wanting, craving that he puts on women, I feel like romance more than likely fails then succeeds with me. I will admit I did love Near Dark, but that film for its time was something that felt fresh and different. I was even a fan of the first two Blade films, but as far as vampires goes, I have had to sit thru all the Twilights, True Blood and Vampire Diaries and I feel they do more harm than help, sort of like the majority of PG-13 horror films. The plot of the film focuses on this romance that is just so contrived and done to death between Djuna a beautiful vampire and a guy named Paolo who is a screenwriter of sorts who is sort of like a recluse trying to do his job. Well, these two souls sort of meet at a video store and it just starts this romance. As you can guess Djuna turns him into a vampire and everything is peachy until Mimi who is Djuna sister comes into the picture and wants to destroy this relationship. This film is not for horror fans, I feel this film is more for romantics, the first part of the film is all about the love of vampire and human, and how human becomes vampire. It feels like a soft core Cinemax film, or one of those books your girl reads behind your back. When Mimi shows up it takes a turn in direction and feeling, and we get more of a thriller. The blood you get in the film is not meant for horror, it is more meant for arousal. I felt the script was better as a romantic film than thriller, but I felt the film flowed better when it became a thriller. I feel that when trying to emulate the successes of the past, you get lost in the translation and this film is clearly proof that good intentions and a love of old school film is not good without a passion behind it. This film just felt so lifeless and it took forever to get going in a way that kept my attention and not looking at the blu ray clock to see how much longer. The problem I feel is that the vampire genre is so played out and people are sick of romance, shiny in sunlight and young kids in Gap trying to be Edward Cullen. That I feel the Vampire films need to be geared towards the fan that do not need sex, but want violence, bloodshed and so much more than a beautiful face that is bland and can bore the boner off a rigor mortis penis.

3 out of 10