Movie Review-Kidnapped- Standard Edition Remastered [Blu-ray]


Review-A few years ago before I was blogging I remember reading a book about horror films that had a lot of difficulty being released. There was a story about Mario Bava’s Kidnapped well at the time it was called Rabid Dogs. The story I was reading told me that when this film almost completed that the courts in Italy or somewhere like that, seized this film because the main backer of this film was found dead. That made this film something of a legend because this film was on the shelf or in limbo for a number of years, almost like All The Boys Love Mandy Lane and Poughkeepsie Tapes of today, or even Ken Park. (Release these films finally in America)I read that the dvd came out in the mid to late 90’s and the rest I guess is history till now. Out now on blu ray from Kino Classics which is releasing quite a few of the Bava films, this one you just had to see coming from them. If for any other reason just for film fanatics who know the history that I just quoted from a book I read. This film on the surface sounds ordinary; you have three robbers who have a lot to deal with. First off, their getaway driver has been shot which may not seem like that big a deal till you keep in mind that the police are getting close on their trail. They decide to take some hostages who may not have been the best picks to make, and this simple robbery that they thought would be a piece of cake is turning out to be hell. This film shows a growth in Bava, this film is more story based and goes at a very slow pace. I feel that if this film was clearly Bava’s true vision he would have changed quite a few things in it. This feels like more of a rough draft than an actual film. I am not saying it is a bad film, I think in the eyes of the Bava faithful this is going to be a misunderstood film. If you were a fan of his past work before this you are going to immediately notice the changes and really wish for more horror elements and less story. The sad thing about the storytelling is that the characters are not really part of that storytelling experience, we know little to nothing about them. We know someone has some kind of secret that we do not learn more about till the final moments of the film, which by then we really are so bogged down by the pacing of the film we really do not seem to care anymore.
The film has its moments and some of the Bava staples are in this film but I just wish this film would have really been more. I just feel if Bava would have been alive today, or even when the original first official release of this came out, we would have got a completely different film. The film is not bad, and I feel true Bava fans already know and have their minds made up, but I would say if you are the one who has to complete all your collections, you should close your eyes and buy it.

5 out of 10