Movie Review-Ghost Bridge


Review-Ghost Bridge is yet another odd film from the people at Reel Groovy Films. One thing is for sure two films into their catalogue, that in their world words like sanity and mainstream do not exist. I want to dub what I have witnessed so far with these two films, as a drug induced artistic confused state that simplicity does not dare to tread. A plot, ummm…I was not even sure of the direction this film took me. All I can tell you about some kind of plot is that there seems to be two characters this film revolves around, and one being this artistic guy Eric and this love he has named Allison. The film opens up with a low budget sword fight that I am assuming was from the 1700’s to build this story of the love that seems to be haunting this guy in his next life. The film then goes to 1976 in New England as we hear thru narration about Eric and this quest for a woman he sees in bad dreams that is a ghost who lives under the bridge. One thing is for sure that in the first 15 minutes alone, we had around 5 different songs that ranged from Viking pop to female goth to a guy in the middle of the woods with a guitar looking like Jethro Tull in the early years. This film seems to teeter on many different styles from some kind of gladiator crusade film to a biker film, and then some kind of romantic overtones. If that confuses you, this film really is so open to what you will take out of it, that at times they just thrust you into things without an explanation. I am all for experimental film-making esp. in these low budget art films, but this is so far into the artistic experimental pool that it is so utterly confusing and almost like all involved were heavily doing drugs and were inviting you to partake. This felt like a bunch of home movies stitched together by an insane genius. There is a scene that Eric gets drunk and falls into the water as if he is trying to either drown or he passed out, and the whole time he flashes back to the 1700’s when he was Sir Eric, it is so bizarre that I am not even sure if it entertained me as much as I was trying to figure out what was going on. This film could be the 2013 version of what the Rubik Cube was in the early birth of the craze. The fun of this film as with their last film Reel-Illusionary Zone is that you are not sure what the fuck is next, and you are just waiting to see how insane this can get. The dialogue well let me give you a piece. Eric seems to pick up a hitchhiker on his bike, and she falls in love with him instantly and he tells her this gem, “I met the woman of my dreams, she is part of my bad dreams”. I am not sure if that is a turn off or a way to promise you will not get laid, but I laughed pretty hard and then went back into their universe that they created that felt like a roller coaster wrapped in a crack pipe. I will say this film interested me enough to stick it out, but for a film like this you have to be a very patient movie goer and open for different ideas and concepts. Some are open, and some are not but all in all this film was so odd and different that I had a good time with it, and the small problems with it, I seem to look past. This film could be the public service announcement to legalize weed. This is truly the fuck you Hollywood and mainstream films should listen to.

7 out of 10