Movie Review-Erased


Review-Imagine if you worked for a company and one day you left your office for a few hours to go hang out with your estranged daughter and came back to work and it was all gone. That is the problem ex-Cia agent Ben Logan is facing in Erased. Aaron Eckhart does his best Liam Neeson work as someone who is out for answers while his daughter tags along. This film is a hit and a miss at the same time, the action sequences and the plot were really mildly entertaining. I mean, you get a few really cool action sequences while not entirely groundbreaking or original, at least were somewhat entertaining. And a plot that sucks you in as a viewer because you are there trying to figure it out with the characters. This film is not boring, nor does it really drag but the problem and the misses to the film are just that it misses so many opportunities to really put it over the top. In the beginning of the film we watch as daughter and father have that relationship that we know will start out bad, but as the film picks up will build itself up. The daughter tagging along added a little suspense at times, and at others it becomes irritating. Like in Trespass, the Nicolas Cage film a while back, Liana Liberato does her best overacting and cliché acting that you wish she would try to break the stereotype as the daughter. While films like Bourne have really taken the espionage film to whole new highs I feel films like Erased take them to familiar middle of the road lows. I feel that outside of the action sequences this film really struggled to keep a cohesive story together. I learned watching this film that if you are wanted by the police, you can avoid surveillance cameras just by putting your head down and walking past only peaking a few times up to see if anyone is looking at you. As you can guess with films like this, people are after him and want him erased. The sequences in which him and his daughter are being pursued is the basic movie 101 pursuits, one in a car, one in a hospital with a guy shooting everyone around you, and then on a direct shot gives you a flesh wound. And, in a terminal that is covered in police and you escape. This leads to some of the negatives that is all clichéd and done to death stuff, while it does entertain you almost know the way it will all turn out. I just wish they would have creatively thought of something different or a twist. Every movie experience should be measured by if the film entertained you, and this film for the most part was very mildly entertaining. Would I watch it again, probably not who knows? Would I recommend anyone else to watch it, why not? If you are an Aaron Eckhart fan, he has done far worst and still has a career going for himself.

6 out of 10